Cyhra - "Letters To Myself" - Album Review By:  Susan Dusse I should have had this album earlier, but due to many causes, there was a delay and I received it today…the day [...]

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Trivium – “The Sin and the Sentence” – CD Review October 22, 2017 By:  Susan Dusse and Susanna Hybl Susan:  The follow-up to 2015’s “Silence in the Snow” is pretty good.  I think they [...]

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King Ropes

King Ropes – “Dirt” Review ​Susie9mm Engineered and mixed in California and mastered in New York, self-produced “Dirt,” by King Ropes, was released on January 10, 2017. “Dirt” – a name selected for [...]

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Them Evils

Them Evils - Self Titled EP Review ​Suzi9mm Twenty years late to the famed Sunset Strip, three piece rockers “Them Evils” are reviving the scene…well at least they are trying.  A little 1970s [...]

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