Othrys Have Released a New Album…and it’s Fantastic.


This 11-track beast starts out heavy with “Cetus” a great groove laid down by Martyn and Lugo, followed by excellent guitaring by Weaver.  Phoenix blends heavy and melodic vocals together perfectly.  In a world where you think you can’t possibly hear something different in music, the four men of Othrys have done just that.  The beautifully designed cover features sacred geometry surrounded by fire!

“Resist” starts out soft with Sebastian’s signature clean vocals but soon changes back and forth.  The thing I love about Othrys is that no matter if you are familiar or not with the music, it’s enjoyable.  They are very good at keeping a groove and beat that all can understand with the undertone of smart lyrics and melody.

“Boat to a Willow” appears to have recognizable influences…but does it?  A little Alice in Chains, a little Slipknot, a little Pantera, and when you mix all of that together, you get something unique.

Photo Credit: Grimm Vizions

“The Strangler,” one of my favorite tracks is heavy, juxtaposed with pretty melodies.  Sebastian really walks the line well between harsh and clean vocals.  What takes two people in many bands, Phoenix does alone.

“Old Yeller” is another favorite of mine.  Full on in your face metal. It’s heavy, bouncy, full, and exciting.

“Bent Obsession” is really pretty.  Luke rules the beginning of this song. Triplett picking makes this a really fun song.  Toby’s drum work is fantastic on this song.

“Rowdy Fuck Socket” is another in your face metal song straight out of the gate. With the exception of a killer bluesy riff smack dab in the middle of the song, it is one of the heaviest song on the album.

“Cross Contamination,” is the perfect blend of beautiful and heavy.  This song solidifies why Phoenix is one of my favorite Pacific Northwest vocalists. I especially love the last third of this song.

“Knuckle Hernia” is another favorite track of mine on this album.  It’s h.e.a.v.y. with a killer groove and smart vocal pattern.  Slightly sludgy; definitely heavy.

“Death From Inside” is like Killswitch Engage meets Soilwork (two of my favorites).  Sebastian has so many “voices” throughout this album, it is quite impressive.  Again, pretty, yet heavy.

“Cimmerian Effect” is by far my favorite track on the album.  I love ending an album on this note.  It makes me want to start the journey all over again.

Mixed and mastered by Stephan Hawkes at Interlace Audio North, fellow Portland vocalist from Separation of Sanity and Slobberknocker, Jason Carpenter lends his voice on “Knuckle Hernia.”

The dedication to fallen friends was especially sweet, paying homage to Ivar Forkbeard, Lei’a Lei’a, Mike Thrasher, Ethan Batman, Pricilla Stone, Dan Anderson, and Jason Rowe.

Some bands you like to see live…some you like to listen to in the car; the songs on this album will translate beautifully live, and I personally can’t wait.

Othrys is:

  • Sebastian phoenix, Vocals and Lyrics
  • Tobby Lugo, Drums
  • James Weaver, Guitar
  • Luke Martyn, Bass

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