Over half way through their American Tour, I had the chance to talk with Andy LePlegua of Combichrist.  The first part of the interview is a little rough sound-wise, but it clears up.  I’d heard that he could be a touch interview sometimes, but not on this day.  He mentioned that he only had 10% battery on his phone, so I said:”I ask a lot of questions, so if I get to one and you don’t want to answer it, just say skip, and I’ll cut it out to make sure we get to the important stuff.”  And to that he replied, “I would anyway,” and we both laughed.  We talked about the new album, “One Fire,” being released early June, 2019, the new video for the song, “Understand,” mental illness, homelessness, Motörhead , the status of his side projects, what project he wants to most be remembered for, and how fans are the most important element of Combichrist.

I stayed away from questions about the departure of Joe Letz, because….we’ll, I was pretty sure he was tired of providing answers five months later.  It was, however, the question most everyone I talked to wanted me to ask, but I chose not to out of respect for the new album and video.  I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Andy and hearing him speak so passionately about music.

See Combichrist in Portland, Oregon on May 14th, 2019 at the Hawthorne Theater.