Cristian Machado of Ill Nino fame, announced today via Facebook that he would be producing the upcoming Amerakin Overdose album.  His post consisted of him saying “Stoked to announce that I’ll be producing new music for Amerakin Overdose. These guys have put forth some awesome new songs. Expect a dark, demented, and catchy AF album #amerakinoverdose“.  

We reached out to Cody Perez (lead singer and founder of Amerakin Overdose) and this is what he had to say about his collaboration with Cristian, what we can expect from the new cd, and what is next for Amerakin Overdose.

MIRP: How did AOD get connected with Cristian and him producing the new cd?

CODY:  Cristian and I were friends on Facebook for a bit and would talk every now and then. When they came through Portland on a headlining tour he had me come backstage after the show to hang with the band. We stayed in touch online and eventually he said he wanted to produce an album for us. We were shopping around for outside producers and had a few names in mind but ultimately it Cristian made the most sense. Getting to know him and his ideas and passion for the new songs we showed him we definitely made the right choice with him.

MIRP:  What can you tell us about the upcoming cd?

CODY:  The new album is going to be very personal compared to the previous albums. I am going to put a lot of my personal issues I’ve had in the past and present and make the lyrics very intense. The songs will be dark but very poppy still. We are going to play around with things we have never done before. I believe we have 13 songs on this one plus an intro. We plan to have some known guest vocalist on the album. We don’t know what the artwork or look will be yet as we are going to let the music dictate all of that once its close to being finished.

MIRP:  What is next for Amerakin Overdose?

CODY:  Once the album is done we will running a GoFund me or something of sorts to get some big PR behind us and some radio play. Some music videos and maybe some west coast touring this year. Hopefully next year we can do a national tour, maybe hit the UK and Mexico possibly. The future is unknown but I am excited because I know this will take us to a whole new level.