Deftones and Gojira – Portland, Oregon – April 14, 2022 – Moda Center

We waited a LONG time to see Grammy nominated bands Deftones and Gojira…like a long time. The postponed 2021 show was finally recognized as they hit the stage last night, April 14th, in Portland, Oregon, at the Moda Center Theater in the Clouds.

Up first was the strange instrumental duo Vowws. LA based Vowws, comprised of Matt and Rizz, felt a bit out of place with the two behemoths that would follow, and quite frankly, who we were there to see. There was a bit of confusion, as Poppy was originally in that slot, but for whatever reason, Vowws was now in that coveted first band.

The two members were quite successful in the fullness of their sound, but it was a bit of an awkward combination. Vowws felt like the band playing at the club in the movie, “Pretty in Pink,” which isn’t really a bad thing.

But we were all there for either Gojira or Deftones, which, in itself, is a weird pairing.

Now to Gojira. The photographers weren’t allowed to shoot song one. And it was clear why: massive sound, blinding lights, pressurized fog streams, energy at level 10…it was an all-out assault of brilliant metal. Brothers Joe and Mario Duplantier lead one of the most amazing bands today. Gojira’s massive sound can be awkward and feel chaotic at first, but they always have the smart groove to capture those not familiar. Like Meshuggah, the music of Gojira gets inside of your bloodstream, feeding each cell, nerve, muscle. Once captured, you are a Gojira fan for life. The lights were phenomenal, and the band performed a top notch set of old and new. Of course, “Flying Whales,” and “Amazonia,” were included. The chatter on Facebook and Twitter captured the excitement and sentiment that everyone felt. Powerful, intense, amazing, brilliant…all words beautifully spoken and typed.

Gojira played:

“Born for One Thing”



“Flying Whales”

“The Cell”

“Hold On:



“Another World”

L’enfant Sauvage


“The Chant”


Interestingly, the difference between Gojira fans and Deftones fans was obvious. Deftones fans were not quite as “metal.” There was a guy to my left, standing amongst a group of girls wearing Deftones shirts. He was headbanging during Gojira’s set, singing all the words, metal horns held high. About halfway through the set, during a seldom-felt quiet moment between songs, the girl tapped him on the shoulders and said, “um…can you please sit down…we can’t see.” Those of us in the media row looked at each other and stuck out our bottom lip, collectively feeling sorry for the dude and wanting to bring him to us. The other issue was, Deftones fans were not ok with someone sitting in their seat. Generally, at a stadium metal show, you just take the seat over…you don’t call the staff and evict the intruders. But each time I saw that happen, it was a Deftones t-shirt wearing fan.

Grammy nominated 2022 and Grammy past winner Deftones, an Oregon favorite, headlined the show. After a two-year absence, Chino and his band threw down a set that was full of songs uniquely Deftones. Incredible sound with the individuality that makes Deftones stand above the rest in the genre: Chino’s airy, sensuous, and soothing voice with an occasional scream. The boys in Deftones played nineteen songs, giving us a thrilling, psychedelic ride of old and new, cherished and soon to be beloved songs.

Deftones setlist included:


Rocket Skates




My Own Summer


Swerve City

Digital Bath

Knife Party



Diamond Eyes


Bloody Cape


Engine No. 9

And came back with an encore playing:



On this night there were three live debuts to titillate the Pacific Northwest fans: “Genesis,” “Ohms,” and “Lovers.”

I’d venture to say the band gave every Deftones fan the night of their life. 

It was one amazing night full of amazing metal. Great show to kick off the tour. Have fun guys and see you next time!