The Warning – Hawthorne Theater – April 22, 2022 – Portland,  Oregon

Friday night at Hawthorne Theater feels just right. Weather was dry all day until we got in line a little before the doors opened, then it decided to rain. Oh how I love the Pacific Northwest. While getting soaked standing in line with other concert goers, I made friends chatting with a gentleman. We talk about how much we’ve missed live music and share other female singers we enjoy listening to. Once inside, I notice that the crowd is not your typical metal crowd that I am used to. I see a wide range of ages, even a few families with little ones. The atmosphere and energy was excitement and togetherness. Everyone just seemed so happy to be there. From chatting with the gentleman in line, to meeting a nice young man named Alex inside and another young woman who said this was her treat to herself for getting through state exams (she is a local teacher), I couldn’t help but smile and feel a wave of content. Collectively, the crowd was amazing, just out on a Friday night to enjoy some killer music.

Opening up the show was DEVORA from Arizona. She is a self-described “outlaw pop” or my personal favorite, the “goth Dolly Parton.” To get us in the right mood, a track played to start DEVORA’s set. The track was of a man sort of telling a story, think of the voice of Sam Elliot setting the tone of the surrealist western world that DEVORA’s music will take us. She had a guitarist and a drummer that accompanied her on stage. The guitarist’s look sort of reminded me of the early Shaun from “Boy Meets World” with the leather jacket and sleek back hair. (If that reference doesn’t tell you about how old I am…. ha!) I feel like there were moments where the microphone went in and out for DEVORA but even with that, she delivered the sound she promised, Outlaw Pop. Playing songs off her EP, Outlaw, my favorites were “Not Dead Yet”, “God is Dead” and “Body Bag”, which she said she wrote while angry. The style had that old school outlaw country sound with a little pop and a bit rock. I am sure she gained fans that night and I can see DEVORA going far.

Now for the headlining rock group, The Warning from Monterrey, Mexico. Made up of sisters Daniela (guitar, lead vocals), Paulina (drums, vocals) and Alejandra (bass, backing vocals), although they might be young in age, these young women bring the energy, musicality, richness and fun that would give seasoned bands a run for their money. Just like a lot of things now-a-days, The Warning really started to become noticed with their rendition of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” on their YouTube page. The Warning does such an amazing job putting their own spin on the iconic Metallica’s song, I personally prefer it to the original. Their popularity just keeps increasing with each video they post, their talents are getting recognized. Back in their home country, The Warning has opened up for music festivals such as the Mother of All Rock Festival (opening up for Def Leppard, Aerosmith and Alice Cooper) and has even appeared on The Ellen Degeneres show.

The Warning played:
Dust to Dust
Dull Knives
Enter Sandman
My favorites were “Choke”, “Money”, “Martirio” and of course, their version of “Enter Sandman.” These musicians are going to go far and I am glad I got to see them when I did. Each member is so talented, Paulina really impressed me with her awesome vocals and drum play, Alejandra plays her bass guitar so effortlessly and Daniela sings her heart out but really riffs on the guitar. It was truly special to see that young girls in the audience were looking up to these women who were kicking ass and having fun. Whether The Warning planned on it or not, they are great role models. Keep a look out for The Warning because they are the next best thing.

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