Long time New Jersey resident, 22 year old Brielle Liebman’s first EP is due to be released November 18, 2016.

Liebman’s influences include: Joni Mitchell, Sarah Mclachlan, Bob Dylan, and Fiona Apple, etc., and are apparent in this folk release.

She is a songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist and writes/sings about social justice issues.  She believes the power of music can change the world, and hopes to teach the world through her music.

This first release is a bit raw, but her voice is strong.  The guitar playing is standard, nothing exceptional.  The music is in the vein of Ani DiFranco and The Waifs, as well as other feminist artists of the 1990s that would no-doubt be on the roster for “Lilith Fair,” circa 1997-1999.

Liebman has a nice vocal range; both low and high are pleasant, however on occasion can be a bit unpolished or off key…however so slightly.

Songs #4 and #5, “Carry On,” and “Blue,” are the best tracks on the release.  “Carry On,” is a slower, jazzy song that is nicely done; “Blue” is a pretty acoustic ballad.

​I think she is on to something in this unsettled world.  Anyone who writes and puts music out for the good of mankind, who has talent, will no doubt go far.  She is one of those people.