On January 8, 2022 six bands will scrap. Two will head north to Seattle for the semi final round.  Dante’s is the place.  Tickets on sale now.

MIRP had a chance to talk with Voice Øf Treason.


Voice Øf Treason is an American Metal band from Idaho Falls, Idaho. Formed in 2019, the band was having regular rehearsals when a local call went out to see who would be the opening act for national touring band Adelitas Way. They mobilized creating a video campaign and accumulating thousands of views to be selected. Since then, they haven’t stopped, playing all over the west with different local artists. In March of 2020 they were selected to compete in the Waken Metal Battle at the House of Blues in Mandalay Bay giving them more exposure and experience. The competition was unfortunately canceled after their performance due to the pandemic, but they will be competing again in 2022. In late 2021 they embarked on their first tour with nationally acclaimed artists (hed) P.E. The group is composed of Jake Pipkin (Vocals), Porter Harding (Guitar), Jake Ovard (Drums) and Tommy Neyman (Bass). VØT, for short, is a quartet of young raw talent bringing fast paced, heavy metal riffs to the table. Recruited from different genres and inspirations they came together through their individual love of metal music. Their biggest influences are: Of Mice and Men, Avenged Sevenfold, Asking Alexandria, and Van Halen.


MIRP: Tell me what it would mean to you to perform at Wacken 2022?

VØT: I think it would mean a whole door of possible opportunities. Besides having the honor of playing alongside world renown artists, being able to share our art with more people who appreciate our distinct medium.


MIRP: Sizing up your competition in a friendly manner…who are you most worried about?

VØT: They all sound great! I have met a few of them and we are excited to share the stage with them.


MIRP:  During the Covid 19 pandemic, what highs or lows did the band experience?

VØT: The pandemic showed a lot of bands what they really are made of. We literally just kept rehearsing every week, because we knew that it would end eventually, and we wanted to hit the ground running.


MIRP: Playing this battle of the bands…what will you do differently now that there is a big prize at stake?

VØT: We will honestly do exactly what we’ve been doing this whole time. The size of the stage doesn’t matter, the size of the stakes doesn’t matter. We really try to play every show like we’re playing to a stadium for hundreds of people. Because you never know who will be watching.


MIRP: If you are chosen as the band to go to Wacken, how do you feel about performing in front of 75,000 – 100,000 people?

VØT: Similar answer to the last question, we would probably be nervous, but we have tried to have that mindset this whole time.


MIRP: Who was the first band that made you want to be a musician?

VØT: That’s a different answer for each member of the band. For me personally it was Van Halen.


MIRP: If you could only pick two bands to listen to for the next year, who would you choose?

VØT: Probably Avenged Sevenfold, and Memphis May Fire


MIRP: Tell me what the dream is if you were chosen to play at Wacken 2022?

VØT: If we are chosen to play Oh, The Dream would be to play the best show possible, meet some great people, and hopefully further our career.


MIRP: In the list of performers below, who have you seen before?

VØT: I believe the only artists we have seen are Judas Priest and Slipknot.


MIRP:  What is currently in your playlist?

VØT: I personally am listening to a lot of Memphis May Fire, Hed PE, Andrew W boss, and Black Veil Brides.


MIRP:  What would people be surprised to know you listen to?

VØT: I personally am a big fan of Kesha and Katy Perry.


MIRP:  Preparing for the Battle in January, what is the emotion most felt by the band?

VØT: I believe excitement. They say success is where preparation meets opportunity. We are prepared. We are ready for the opportunity.


MIRP:  Regarding the Battle in January, have you already picked the music you’ll play?

VØT: Yes, we will play A variation of the set we have been playing this whole last year. It will be very similar to the set we took on tour with us.


MIRP:  What goes in to picking the music?  Heaviest?  Oldest?  Newest? Most Technical?

VØT: I assume you mean the music we will be playing at the show? Our catalog isn’t very big, so we will be playing mainly our power songs that we know we can perform well with.


MIRP:  What do you think it is about your band that would be the best fit?

VØT: We Are Young, we are new, we are fresh. I think we would fit the best because we are a collection of new musicians who truly believe in their sound. We take inspiration from the bands that are playing the festival, and Hope to apply that inspiration in our writing.


MIRP:  Any final words?

VØT: Look out world.


Links | Voice Of Treason (wixsite.com)


Voice Øf Treason is:

Bass: Tommy Neyman

Drums: Jake Ovard

Guitar: Porter Harding

Vocals: Jake Pipkin