Kandace Springs took the stage first, unknown to most all of us.  She sang with intent and confidence in the style of India Arie meets Ella Fitzgerald.  She sang her own songs with a beautiful version of Bonnie Rait’s “I can’t make you love me.”  The best song in her set was an original with lyrics that went something like this:  “Forbidden Fruit…Why did God make you just to torture me.”

Between Kandace and Train, the side monitors portrayed Train videos, a thorough reveal of Train merchandise, and snipits from the Daryl Hall music show where Train performed with the icon.

Train hit the stage next, and they were fantastic.  A nice mix of old, new, and some covers, Train stole the show.  Playing their most beloved hits, the crowd was on their feet and singing back strongly.  Interestingly, Patrick Monahan let us know that 1.  We were a better audience than Seattle (but don’t they always say that?), 2.  Train drummer Drew Shoals is from Portland (lives in New York now), and 3. Luis Maldonado (guitars) is from Eugene.  Suggesting it was like a hometown show, Train was on fire.  After the song “Marry Me,” Monahan asked if there were any couples newly engaged in the audience, and the sporadic pods of fiances screamed.

Hall and Oates took the stage and from the moment they hit their first chord it was apparent that they were tired of each other.  This being the second to the last show, I suppose it’s expected.  They’ve been together for nearly 50 years.  Daryl Hall looks like he breathes music.  He was energetic, cool and his voice was as good as ever.  John Oates, looked tired or mad and the two rarely mingled together on stage.  Familiarity and beer were key here for the majority of the fans.  They played the hits, and upon the first recognizable note, the crowd jumped to their feet, and gleefully sang along to the songs of their youth…a much better time, as would be discussed by Daryl.  “I Can’t Go For That,” was a song that everyone knew, and when it started there wasn’t anyone sitting.  However, after what seemed to be a 20 minute jam session, the majority of the crowd was in their seats.

The night ended with Daryl inviting Monahan on stage to do some Train / Hall & Oats songs together.