Eric Wilson, Rome Ramirez and Carlos Verdugo took the stage with no opener on one of the hottest days of the year.  They searched our bags pretty well, but the smell of weed was ever present.  Even though the venue had assigned seats, no one stayed in their chair.

On the way to the show I told MIRP co founder and photographer Jer Dimes, “I think I know like one Sublime song.”  He laughed, “You’ll know more than one.”  And he was right.  I forgot my ex husband was a stoner and played Sublime often.  I knew all but two of the songs played on this night.

I’m a die hard metal girl, and not that up on or hip on Sublime (I was all “Slayer and Venom.” But, there is something very special about Sublime.  The beat is sexy, the flow is pleasant, and I absolutely wish I had been a Sublime fan from the beginning.

They opened the show with the highly aggressive “Date Rape,” and ended with “What I got,” and “Santeria.”