Scorpions | Thundermother – Moda Center – Sunday, October 9th, 2022 – Portland, Oregon

I had a little issue getting my ticket, but once inside I was in my happy place. The concert-goers, while mostly older than me, had the same energy and excitement as the recent shows: My Chemical Romance show and 21 Pilots, with just a dash more of a classic feel. I overheard stories being told throughout the crowd of the first time seeing Scorpions or the last time they did. I also overheard guys saying how “kids these days wouldn’t know real music if it hit them in the face.”  Ha! It just goes to show how music is passion; we are all very passionate about the music that makes us feel something.


I love looking at what people wear to concerts.  Tonight it was filled with torn jeans, bandanas, big hair, leather jackets, and classic t-shirts.
The band to kick off the evening was the rock band Thundermother. As their website says: “Thundermother don’t just play rock n’ roll. Thundermother are rock n’ roll.” And yes they are! This Swedish rock band has been around since 2010, but with this lineup since 2017. I unfortunately missed most of their set because of my ticket issues but, the little bit I did get to see, left a great impression. Thundermother kicked ass! Their sound seemed a bit old school, like AC/DC, but with a groovy flare of their own. I am so bummed I missed the entire set. I’ll be checking them out for sure next time they come to town.
Finally, the moment we all had been waiting for. A huge curtain took cover of the front of the stage with the iconic font that says “Scorpions.” The crowd cheered and patiently waited for the lights to go out.  The light soon illuminated the curtain and then the curtain dropped to reveal another curtain that said: “Are you ready to rock?” The crowd responded even louder than the last cheer. The Scorpions started off the night with “Gas In The Tank” from their 2022 album Rock Believer. That’s right, the band that formed in 1965 is still putting out new music!


The current members of Scorpions are Rudolf Schenker (rhythm guitar – original member), Klaus Meine (lead vocals), Matthias Jabs (lead guitar), Pawel Maciwoda (bass) and Mikkey Dee (drums.) From Germany, these guys have been around the world, have been putting on shows since 1965, and still kick ass! Sure, there has been quite some time that has passed since they first played live, but I must say, this was the first time I saw a band have so much fun on stage and from seeing how happy they looked, it made me wish I was a rock star.


Each member of the Scorpions shined in their own way. With not only their amazing talent but experience, Scorpions know how to put on a solid rock show. Klaus went from singing, to playing the tambourine, and to the cowbell. Yes more cowbell! And at one point while playing the cowbell, Klaus threw out drumsticks to the crowd. Matthias’ guitar skills are incomparable to most today; very impressive. I would find myself in awe watching him play.
The stage set up was pretty simple, drum kit center stage, catwalk out front, huge screen backdrop with two huge screens on either side of the stage. It was great watching the crowd enjoy the new songs and of course the classics. Klaus introduced one of the new songs, “Peacemaker,” as a song they wrote during quarantine. It sounded like the perfect anthem for the pandemic. During the ballad, “Send Me an Angel,” there were couples dancing. This song is probably a few of the couple’s relationship song, maybe even a wedding song. During “Winds of Change,” Matthias’ guitar was the Ukrainian flag. It was beautifully done, a great reminder that we are all one people and music can cross borders, and so can love.
Scorpions set list:
  • Gas in the Tank
  • Make It Real
  • The Zoo
  • Coast to Coast
  • Seventh Sun
  • Peacemaker
  • Bad Boys Running Wild
  • Delicate Dance
  • Wind of Change
  • Tease Me Please Me
  • Rock Believer
  • New Vision
  • Blackout
  • Big City Nights
  • No One Like You
  • Rock You Like a Hurricane