Lamb of God | Killswitch Engage | Spiritbox | Fit For An Autopsy – Moda Center – Tuesday, October 11, 2022 – Portland, Oregon

Lamb of God was my first concert after quarantine last year, and it filled my happy heart, especially after so long with no live music. LOG is one of my favorite bands to see live because I know they bring the energy. The Moda Center was set up as the Theater of the Clouds and MIRP was honored to have floor tickets. Because of these two things, I was prepared to be up close and personal. Honestly, it had been a while since I’ve been on the floor for a concert versus seated. In my early days of going to concerts, I was always on the floor, but I would get to the venue early to claim my spot up front.
Finding my way down to the general admission, I found the spot that I was going to plant myself, right in front of the soundboard.
Starting off the evening was New Jersey’s own, deathcore band, Fit For An Autopsy. I’ve heard of them before, but this was my first time seeing them live. FFAA are Joe Badolato (vocals), Pat Sheridan (guitar), Tim Howley (guitar), Josean Orta (drummer), and Peter ‘Blue’ Spinazola (bass guitar). Personally, I loved them. They had great energy and attitude. At one point, something must have gone wrong with the drum kit and they took a moment to fix it. During that time, Badolato took a moment to mention the other bands, how excited they were to be part of this tour, and how usually they would be playing a smaller club such as at Dantes. He also mentioned that their newest album came out this year, “Oh What the Future Holds.” You could tell he would rather have been singing than talking, but it was great. Fit For An Autopsy provide great heaviness with vocals that fit the genre just right; I would definitely see them again. They were the perfect band to start the show and get the audience in the right mood. They played “Pandora” and “Far from Heaven” off the new album, then ended their set with “Black Mammoth.”
Before Spiritbox took the stage, the music that played was a mix of Niki Minaj and Kendrick Lamar; I was ready for some metal.
I was looking forward to see Canadian metalcore band Spiritbox.  I had just discovered them earlier this year, and Courtney’s voice is in a totally different league than most. She has a beautiful clean singing voice and those dirty vocals instantly give you that ‘stank face.’ Spiritbox are Courtney LaPlante (vocals), Mike Stringer (guitar), Zev Rose (drums), and Josh Gilbert (bass.) Spiritbox was only part of the tour for a few of the stops, and Portland was the last stop for them. Courtney jokingly said that they are being kicked off the tour because they party too hard and broke too many glasses. I’m not sure if that was true or not, but the show kept on going. Adam Dutkiewicz from Killswitch Engage, was spotted side stage enjoying their set. The setlist gave the perfect balance as Courtney sang ‘sappy’ songs and the heavy songs. She said all of the songs are very meaningful for them, and they appreciated the support. Spiritbox sounded like how they do on their albums. They have perfected their talent and craft. Courtney’s makes singing seems effortless and each member seemed to be having fun.  The put on a seriously good show. I can’t wait to see them again.
Spiritbox’s set:
  • Circle With Me
  • Hurt You
  • Yellowjacket
  • Blessed Be
  • Holy Roller
  • Rotoscope
  • Hysteria
Next up was metalcore staples from Massachusetts, Killswitch Engage. Whether you are a fan of past vocalist Howard Jones or the original vocalist Jesse Leach, you likely know and love the music. I chatted with another fan who was there primarily to see Killswitch Engage.  They mentioned they had them about seven times. As soon as the music started, he left the spot against the soundboard and bee-lined it into the mosh pit. Killswitch Engage are Jesse Leach (vocals), Justin Foley (drums), Joel Stroetzel (rhythm guitar), Adam Dutkiewicz (lead guitar), and Mike D’Antonio (bass.)
The stage setup was simple. Adam, I swear had enough energy for the whole band! He is so fun to watch and is not only entertaining but an awesome guitar player. He supported the opening acts, he wore an “I’m with Stupid” shirt, and at one point, got Jesse’s attention to point out that there were a couple of people in the crowd starting a fight. Jesse was quick to put an end to that. Jesse took numerous opportunities to say that we are all one people, we need to take care of each other, and that we live in a world full of division and hate. Killswitch Engage made it clear that they are against that. Adam got everyone to say “stop being a dick” to the people having a fight. All and all, Killswitch Engage were a blast to watch, the pit was going crazy, and the members of Killswitch Engage were humble and funny.
Killswitch Engage’s set:
  • Strength of the Mind
  • This is Absolution
  • Rose of Sharyn
  • Beyond the Flames
  • Unleashed
  • The Crownless King
  • Hate by Design
  • Know Your Enemy
  • My Curse
  • As Daylight Dies
  • This Fire
  • The End of Heartache
  • In Due Time
  • Holy Diver
  • The Signal Fire
I was chatting with a mother and son duo who had come to the concert and found their spot close to the soundboard by me. The son, who was about high school age, was a big fan of Lamb of God. Apparently, his mom took him to last year’s show when Lamb of God toured with Megadeth, Trivium, and Hatebreed.  When he saw Lamb of God live, that was it for him!  He was hooked!  They were the band that sparked something inside of him and has been a big fan ever since. We all know that feeling; and the best part is, live concerts tend to do that to you when you not only hear the music but you see it and feel it as well.
A curtain fell over the front of the stage and the haunting beginning of “Memento Mori” started as the crowd cheered loudly. The song continued and at the right moment a loud BOOM went off, the curtain fell, and the almighty Lamb of God made their presence known! Lamb of God have been kicking ass and blazing a trail since 1994. Having been through a lot as a band, they stay solid and true to the music and their craft. I say that they are one of my favorite bands to see live because the energy and stage presence they give starts a flame, deep inside you, that grows and you can’t help but head bang or be in the mosh pit or sing along loudly with them. It’s infectious, its soul pumping…Lamb of God have that right amount of heavy riffs, extreme drums, and growls that come from the depths of the earth through the arena straight into your soul.
Lamb of God are Randy Blythe (vocals), John Campbell (bass), Mark Morton (lead guitar), Willie Adler (rhythm guitar), and Art Cruz (drums.)
Randy ran around that stage, pacing, jumping, and sometimes even skipping. I swear, Randy could give Rob Zombie a run for his money for how much energy he exudes and how much he moves on stage. The stage setup was kept simple but with added fire guns towards the back of the stage, it made it extraordinary. The fire was set off at the most opportune moments to enhance the heaviness of a song. Lamb of God played a few songs off their newest album, Omens, that was just recently released. One of my favorite new songs is “Nevermore,” and with the continuing grove-driven songs, the mosh pit was never at a stand still. Lamb of God present them selves as genuine people, happy to be doing what they are doing, and put on one amazing live show.
Lamb of God’s set:
  • Memento Mori
  • Walk With Me in Hell
  • Now You’ve Got Something to Die For
  • Resurrection Man
  • Nevermore
  • Ruin
  • 11th Hour
  • Omerta
  • Omens
  • Contractor
  • 512
  • Ghost Walking
  • Vigil
  • Laid to Rest
  • Redneck

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Killswitch Engage

Lamb of God