My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult are an absolute treat to witness live.  Seasoned, comfortable, respected, and bad ass…the duo and their band performed all of the Thrill Kill Kult favorites.

Groovie Mann and Buzz McCoy, the heart and inspiration for this special band, showed on this night why they have remained relevant for so long.

I had a chance to spend some time with both of them prior to the show and quickly fell in love with both of them.  The best part of the interview was after the recorder was turned off and Groovie Mann and I just talked.

If you know the story of how they came to be, you know they were planning to make a film with a name the band’s name is a derivative of.  The film was never made, but I asked them if they ever would.  They said they would if the timing and people were right.  I asked them if they would consider an unknown director and they said, “sure.”

Prior to the duo taking the stage, Mimi Star, the beautiful bassist came out and laid down a solid track.  I felt like I was about to witness a Quentin Tarantino movie at first.  Then, Groovie Mann and Buzz McCoy casually and deliberately took the stage to a roar of applause.

The crowd danced and sang and reciprocated the lyrics where possible.  The crowd was made up mostly of dedicated fans, but those who were new to the Kult were just as mesmerized.

Experimental, adventurous, MLWTTKK are credited with pioneers in the industrial music genre, however, their set was a mix electronic, funk, disco, rock and house.

I’d always known their name, but had never seen them live.  I may have missed out in the past, but you can be assured that I’ll never miss them again.

Their set list on this night included:

  • Strange Affairs
  • Neon Diva
  • Do You Fear (For Your Child)?
  • Rivers of Blood, Years of Darkness
  • A Daisy Chain For Satan
  • The International Sin Set
  • Glamour Is A Rocky Road
  • Badlife
  • Forbidden Saints
  • The Kult Konnection
  • Delicate Terror
  • Lucifer’s Flowers
  • The Chains of Fame
  • Electrical Soul Wish