Lindsey Stirling | Walk Off The Earth | Show Review – Sept. 1, 2023 – Ridgefield, Washington – RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater

I feel very fortunate to say that this was my third time seeing Lindsey Stirling. Each time she brings more magic and awe to her show. This night was no exception.

Starting off the night was Canadian pop/reggae band, Walk Off The Earth. I personally did not know much about this band but their energy and smiles filled the arena so I was immediately a fan. After doing some research, band members are Gianni Luminati, Sarah Blackwood, Joel Cassady, David Speirs, and Adam Michael. Normally, I would also mention the respected instruments the members played but there is too many to mention. From the standard guitar, bass, drums to banjo, ukulele, keyboards, kazoo, flute to a bunch more that I am not sure what the names of the instruments are. This seemingly random or sporadic set was very fun and musically entertaining through and through. For the most part, the set was covers of familiar songs such as a Beatles melody and their finale song of melodys that included “Somebody That I Used to Know”, “Bad Habits” and “Africa” to just name a few. WOTE did their song with that features Lindsey Stirling “Long Way Home” and you could tell this group are still excited to be touring and sharing the stage even though it’s towards the end of the tour. My favorite part though of WOTE’s set is when a couple of the members brought their kids who are talented little musicians on stage to sing “My Stupid Heart” which was so dang adorable!  I also appreciated that when Sarah would address the crowd, instead of saying ‘Seattle’ or ‘Portland’ or just a generic ‘Washington’, she acknowledged that they are in “Ridgefield!” Thank you Sarah.

Taking a moment to look around and see the crowd around me, a Lindsey Stirling show brings a variety of concert goers. To dressed up couples, to families with littles of all ages, to older folks, all here to enjoy the music that Lindsey has created and the show she carefully crafts to not only feed her artistic side but to give love and joy to those that come and watch her perform. Like I said earlier, Lindsey has a way of bringing a new element to her show to keep us entertained. An example of this, for “Shatter Me” she performed in the ring that hung from the rafters like a professional acrobatic performer then she played while swinging in that ring. If you take a moment and realize that she is playing beautifully a string instrument that is usually considered only for classical music, while doing acrobatic stunts and dancing, you can’t help but be impressed. Speaking of classical music, Lindsey did take a moment to share that one of the surprises she decided to bring to her tour, was a song to go back to her musical ‘roots.’ She learned violin by learning the classical pieces first, and she states that learning the classical music first, the fundamentals, is what taught her and allowed her to create the music she makes today. So, she said she was more nervous to do this but she performed “Toccata and Fugue” by classical composure, Sebastian Bach. Lindsey performed it to perfection in my non-classical professional opinion, but I loved the look on her face while performing because you could see, this song brought found memories of possible countless hours of young Lindsey practicing. She did add her flare to this towards the end. Well done Lindsey Stirling.

Lindsey Stirling not only performs by herself and with an amazing back up band, but she also has a tribe of dancers that visually add to the entertaining and awe of the show. Each dancer gives their all and their well synchronized routines give an additional life to the show. At one point of the show, Lindsey mentions how at every spot of the tour, she has asked a fan that participated in a social media challenge, to come on stage to perform “Upside” with her. Tonight, a young gentleman named Jordan joined her. He is from Salt Lake City, UT but started his journey of learning to play the violin in Washington so he felt this show would be perfect for him. And I must say, he did amazing! He played wonderfully with alongside Lindsey, they danced together as well.

When you go to a Lindsey Stirling show, you thoroughly enjoy it, fully entertained whether you know the music or not, and you leave feeling good. Lindsey’s music and performance has a way of making you feel wonderful and loved. Thank you Lindsey Stirling and your amazing crew for coming back to Ridgefield. I know a fond memory for you is the prank Amy Lee did last time you were here, and there was a few surprises his show. Lets keep the tradition going for next time you come here.