I’m a little late to this review; my apologies to the band and the fans.  This album features five strong, pummeling tracks by four talented Pacific NW musicians.

The EP starts out with Annihilation Syndrome.  It is aggressive vocals, fantastic guitars, bludgeoning drums, all inside a very thrashy feel.  This “feel” continues throughout the entire EP.

Predatory Reality is another extremely heavy song with a moment just before one minute that takes a turn with a beautiful break that throws in some very unique elements of black metal.  This is my favorite track on the EP.  There is real beauty in what could be just chaos.

It is here where you realize that all members of King Guillotine go hard…consistently throughout the entire EP.  There are surprises mixed in with the song structures that are unexpected, which makes it quite enjoyable.

Collapse of Consciousness continues the heaviness with a full and super thick sound.  More black metal than the others, this song is extremely satisfying.  With a nice fade out, “Collapse of Consciousness” is my second favorite on the release.

Death of Oneness is fast.  I can’t imagine them playing it live towards the end of a set.  The members must put their all (plus some) to play this song live.  It is thrashy with an epic ending.

Power of Loss really showcases the guitars and drums.  It is a heart pumping, super aggressive song that could ignite a mega-pit by “the arms folded, head nodding, non-moshing fans.”

The entire release is fast, aggressive, full of surprises, and fueled by talent and energy.  Possibly the heaviest band in the Portland/Vancouver area.


King Guillotine is:

DC Snipes – Guitar/Backup Screamer

Jon Eric Pienkowski – Drums

Tim Leber – Bass

Nicholas James – Lead Vocals/Guitar


To connect with the band, here are all of their socials and music platforms: https://linktr.ee/kingguillotine