It was a hot August night in Portland Oregon, August 13th to be exact, and it was a Friday. Jason Rising – A fan film, was premiered at the historic Hollywood Theater in Portland, Oregon to a blood thirsty and supportive audience.

This red carpet and lively event was my first ever movie premier, and I’ll definitely catch one whenever I can moving forward. There were oohs, and ahhs. There were claps and cheers for the filmmakers and actors/actresses in attendance. The encouraging, playful, proud, and defining crowd reaction at moments made the experience extra special.

This one-hour horror film was written by Robert Blanche, Maurice J. Cardwell, and Vincente DiSanti; was directed by James Sweet, produced by Red Crow Films, shot and edited by Karl Whinnery of HotKarl Productions, and crowdfunded by many.

I have to admit, I put my hands over my eyes on a few occasions. It was shot brilliantly, acted well, written in line with the beloved series, and was bloody and gory with some humor thrown in. The scares and suspense spots were well placed, and there was that one moment (no wait! There were two): when a penis and a skull (still connected to the spine) made appearances. I have to say I’d never seen the latter before in film, and certainly didn’t expect the male member, but it was AWESOME!

In a nutshell (and so as to not spoil anything) there were fugitives running from the law, they ran into Camp Crystal Lake (oops), the trackers and police followed suit, and some of them didn’t fare so well.

Who lived? Who died? How did Jason escape the heavily chained coffin that clearly spelled out “do not open”? Did mom make an appearance? How about Alice? Was there a twist? You’ll have to see for yourself to find the answers.

And, you can do that yourself whenever you’d like:

The prominent disclaimer at the beginning of the file identifies that: “This production is the effort of Red Crow Films and its volunteer associates. Jason Rising: A Friday the 13th Fan Film is a product of fan fiction and in no way affiliated with or representative of the Viacom/Paramount Film Company, Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, Horror inc., The Friday the 13th Film property, or its characters. This project was created by fans to show our appreciation for the Friday the 13th Franchise. As of Friday the 13th, August 2021, this project will be free and available to all who care to watch it and no profit shall be made of its viewing. Thank you to any and all who assisted in bringing this project to life. Red Crow Films is forever grateful for your time and dedication to the project.”

That being said, it was as good as you’d expect the next in the series to be, maybe even better.

A thoroughly enjoyable film, Jason Rising: A Friday the 13th Fan Film was made by an exceptional group of filmmakers. Bravo to the team who loved the series, and took the time to show their appreciation and skill.

A special treat for me was sitting with two members of the Portland metal band, Ligature Marks, when they realized the ending credits featured their song “Talisman.” That was cool.

Go watch this movie. Let’s get them to make a part 2.
You can find cool stuff here:

Copied from the description on Youtube:
Jason Rising: A Friday the 13th Fan Film | Full Film | (2021) HD
A fan tribute to Friday the 13th, JASON RISING follows Wessex County Police Officer Pete Daltry (Kyle Vahan) and his Deputy Eve Glover (Anna Campbell), along with U.S. Marshals Jed (Jason Reynolds) and Bear (Jerry Bell Jr.), hot on the trail of three escapees (Lisa Sorenson, Jennie Vaughn, Elizabeth Garrett) from the Wessex County Corrections Farm. Soon after realizing their chase has led them onto the cursed grounds of Camp Crystal Lake, Daltry quickly discovers that they are the ones being hunted by the undead mass murderers Jason Voorhees (Dan Kyle) and his deranged mother Pamela (Alyxandria McCormack).

Directed by: James Sweet
Co-created by: Robert Blanche
Screenplay By James Sweet and Vincente DiSanti
Additional Story by Maurice J Cardwell
Based on Friday the 13th by Sean S. Cunningham and Victor Miller
In Association with: Red Crow Films, HotKarl Productions, Hawk Merlin Studios, Best Pictures, and Womp Stomp Films.
Executive Producers: Karl Whinnery, David Bunker, Lee Carruthers, Vincente DiSanti, Christopher Errington, James Sweet,