Foo Fighters Serenade Westboro Baptist Church Picketers with “You Should Be Dancing,” by the Bee Gees prior to Kansas show.

Dave Grohl and his merry Dee Gees (Foo Fighters) took time out of their day to send love to their Westboro Baptist “friends.”  You see, for some unknown reason, some of the church-goers like to gather in the parking lot of the venue when the Foo Fighters play with signs…not very nice signs.  Some would even say hate-filled signs.  And this isn’t the first time.

In classic Dave Grohl style, he took the time to shower them with love over a loud speaker on a flat bed truck: “Ladies and gentlemen, I got something to say. Because you know what? I love you! I do” “The way I look at it, I love everybody. That’s what you’re supposed to do… I deliver all of my love, and you shouldn’t be hating. You should be dancing!” And then in an “only Dave Grohl can get away with it” rendition of the Bee Gees’ “You Should Be Dancing,” ensued.

Dave Grohl for President!

You can see for yourself below: