In Flames: Working on New “In Flames Sounding” Material

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In Flames is THAT band that seems to writes the soundtrack to my life (and maybe yours) as it is unfolding.  While more than half of the members have left, Anders and Bjorn continue.  They’ve recruited some American musicians  (American bassist Bryce Paul and American drummer Tanner Wayne)and are, by all accounts, recording more melodic In Flames music for us.  No leak of a potential release date, however, I’m banking on early 2019.

Taken from a post by Metal Hammer ne, “IN FLAMES frontman Anders Fridén stated about the band’s upcoming album: “So far, it sounds very IN FLAMES; there’s no surprises there. I think it sounds great and it has all the essentials that we want for an IN FLAMES album; there’s melodies, screaming on various tracks, hooks everywhere. I think if you are into IN FLAMES and what we’ve done for the past 20 years or so, you should be happy. I’m very, very happy!”

Anders….so are we.  So are we.

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