Oregon’s Cody Perez (Amerakin Overdose) has done it again.  His newest video for the single “Holding On,” is a beautiful song of love and loss.  It’s a great interpretation of that love that enters your heart and soul, you know the one…the one you feel like you can’t breathe without; the kind of love that you’d do anything to keep, and possibly die if it ended.  Cody’s vocals are soft and clean, with a catchy and heartfelt chorus.  At 2:30, musically the song slides into a heavier feel with an uplifting change at 3:29; the upturn in vocals is both powerful and beautiful.  The footage of  Portland, Oregon is superb and the storyline follows the song perfectly.  There are love songs, and there are songs of lost love; Perez has cleverly put together a song of love and loss that speaks to the raw emotion of the human experience of taking that risk in love.

In a smart move, Perez releases videos and singles, which gifts fans with something new more often.

You can catch the video here:

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