Pennsylvania’s Another Day Dawns are set to release their new release “Strangers” on January 31, 2020, and we got an advanced copy of the five song EP.

 Originally formed in 2010, you may be most familiar with them from their 2017 song “Love She’s After,” or from the buzz surrounding them in 2019 (their most successful year to date), complete with a tour alongside Issues during their “Beautiful Oblivion US Tour.”

The addition of front man Dakota McGeehan was a great move by this 10-year-old band.  His vocals are unique but familiar.  From Bush to Buckcherry, from Seether to Slipknot, McGeehan carries the flag to victory on this release.

I listened to the five tracks in its entirety and formed some initial opinions.  However, when I listened the second time, what really stood out was the beautifully executed elements that make this release comfortable and will be no doubt be received very well by the masses.  Very radio friendly with a side of groove and feeling, Another Day Dawns manage to pull individuality and versatility out of a genre that has done nearly everything already.  If given a chance, any and/or all of these tracks will surely become massive radio hits.

The EP starts out with “Beautiful Suicide,” a bouncy, groovy, Seether/Bush inspired song that is not hugely complex, but is certainly effective.

“Am I,” the second track is also very groove-oriented.  There are nice touches of production on this well thought-out, heartfelt and beautiful song.

“Taste of Heaven,” sits in the middle of the five songs.  Properly placed, it’s slower with a Buckcherry meets Daughtry feel.

“Never Okay,” is a very pretty, very sad song with pitch perfect vocals.  There is a nice meaningful solo highlighting the talent of the guitarist.  Surprisingly the 26 times the words “never OK” are mentioned within the walls of this song, seems to fit.

“Forget Me Not,” is the last track and is by far my favorite.  It’s the heaviest track and finally showcases the grit this band can show, when they choose to.  From the first to the fifth and final track, this band has channeled the feel and vocalists that we love, while managing to come out being original.  Relevant, talented, with a writing style that will appeal to the masses, it is no doubt that 2020 will be Another Day Dawns year.

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