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Interview with Dorothy Martin of Dorothy, January 19, 2017 – Portland, Oregon – ROCKISDEAD Tour.

MIRP:  Welcome to Portland.  Did you get any time to explore our city?
DM:  We get Voodoo donuts every time we come to Portland.  We didn’t get to do a band night out at Sassy’s, but we will next time.

MIRP:  You are part way through your tour.  How is it going so far?
DM:  It was great.  I’m loving the winter tour.  I’ve never seen this much snow in my life; it is beautiful!

MIRP:  On your debut album, ROCKISDEAD – which is your favorite song?  Why?
DM:  That’s a tough one.  I don’t have a favorite.  I love singing “Medicine Man” live, and our cover of “I Put a Spell on You” is going over well at the shows.

MIRP:  Do you have a least favorite song?
DM:  No Way!

MIRP:  Which was the most difficult to record?
DM:  A few of them in the beginning, but my voice got stronger throughout the process of recording ROCKISDEAD.

MIRP:  How was the writing process?
DM:  It is a lot of fun.  Writing is actually my favorite part of the creative process sometimes.  It is right up there with live shows.

MIRP:  On December 30, 2014, Rolling Stone pegged Dorothy at #14 on their 50 Best New Artists of 2014 list.  How much did that nod from Rolling Stone help your career?
DM:  It is a blessing to be recognized by a legendary music magazine.  I’m looking forward to getting the cover someday.  Goals keep us focused.  Shout out to Rolling Stone!  Thanks for the love!

MIRP:  Before Dorothy, were you in any organized band?
DM:  Nope.

MIRP:  Talk to me about your obsession with film; your album cover was shot on 35mm/polaroid.
DM:  My dad used to dabble in photography and had a lot of beautiful film books in his library.  I remember looking at Hamilton’s work and loving it.  I collected art and photography books.  Lachapelle being one of my favorites.  I collect old cameras and have plenty of Polaroid, which I like to shoot with.

MIRP:  You were born in Budapest…. how long did you live there before moving to California?
DM:  Until I was three.

MIRP:  You were introduced to classic rock from your father?
DM:  Most music!  The Jacksons, The Bee Gees, Joplin, Pink Floyd!  I have all of his vinyls.

MIRP:  What was the first LP you remember loving?
DM:  “Great Gig in the Sky” and “Thriller.”

MIRP:  Your musical taste varies… from Bob Dylan to Dolly Parton.  Are there any current bands that you are loving?
DM:  I love NOSEY, who is a very talented rapper/singer from Minnesota.  Slim Jeff is dope and so is True Violet, and The Georgia Flood.

MIRP:  You grew up listening to classic rock at home, west coast 90s hip hop, and punk.  What elements of each do you put into Dorothy?
DM:  If any, it is all subconscious.  I leave most of the production up to the producers and focus on melody and song structure.  My lyrics come from poetry that I write on the road and random ideas I get.  Music is amazing; if it feels good, it’s good.  There are no rules!

MIRP:  Your trademark vintage t-shirts, red lips, and fir – how did you come up with that and do you see that continuing?
DM:  That’s the SoCal rocker girl inside me.  I grew up shopping in vintage stores because I didn’t necessarily always have money for really nice clothing.  I also never wear real fur; it’s faux.

MIRP:  You are quite beautiful.  How important is that in Dorothy?
DM:  Not important at all.

MIRP:  Your voice is unique and very beautiful.  When did you know you were a singer?
DM:  I always knew I WANTED to be a singer.  It’s like being an athlete.  I had to work hard at it.

MIRP:  What do you do to keep your voice healthy?
DM:  Rest and vocal exercises.  My teacher, Coreen Sheehan keeps me strong.

MIRP:  What you do besides music?
DM:  I paint and design.  Right now, I’m painting a series of acrylic on canvas and giving a portion of the proceeds to charities that focus on drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

MIRP:  You’ve been in many music videos and extras in movies, can you give us some?
DM:  “Date Night,” Rob Thomas, “Entourage,” I love movies.  I’ll definitely be revisiting acting when we aren’t on tour!

MIRP:  I saw an interview where you expressed your desire to get a ginger cat.  Did you ever get one?
DM:  You mean [our bass player] Gregg Cash?  (Laughs).  He’s out there somewhere, and he’s going to be fat and VERY cuddly.

MIRP:  You are a fan of Dolly Parton, have you had a chance to see her live?
DM:  Sadly no.  I love you Dolly!

MIRP:  Tell me about possibly venturing into country music?
DM:  Only if I get to do a duet with Jack White or Steven Tyler and crash Nashville for a bit.

MIRP:  How was it touring with Halestorm and Lita Ford?
DM:  Amazing.  We learned a lot from them and they’ve become like family to us.

MIRP:  Woman fronted bands in rock, who are some of your favorites?
DM:  Debbie Harry, Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Izzy Hale, Chrissie Hynde, Shirley Manson, Gwen Stephanie, Ann Wilson, Annie Lennox.

MIRP:  Do you play an instrument?
DM:  Piano and guitar.  I wish I played drums.  I might get lessons from Dylan Howard.

MIRP:  Are your bandmates protective of you?
DM:  Very.  It’s like a built-in security team (laughs).

MIRP:  What do you like to do most in new cities?
DM:  Walk around and eat local food.

MIRP:  Is there anything else you’d like to talk about?
DM:  Check out our album ROCKISDEAD and for exclusive merch, tour dates, and more.

MIRP:  Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us.  It is or pleasure!
DM:  Thank you!