If this is any indication of what they have up their sleeve, we had all better be prepared.  This single is good.  No wait, this single is great.

Right off the bat “Crown (Of Lilith)” hits with full force and uses the whole spectrum of talent in this band.  It’s catchy, groovy, bouncy, and heavy…with an emphasis on heavy.  There are unexpected bends and full on stops that surprise you, but once you hear them …you are 100% clear on why the men in Within The Pyre put them there in the first place.

In a genre that is bursting with bands that often sound similar, Within The Pyre stand out with this song.  They are business smart too; playing not too much and not too little around town.  They are fun to watch live, and definitely used this pandemic to write, record, and produce something very good.

I’ve seen Within The Pyre a handful of times live and have always loved what I heard and saw.  Its a game changer now!  When things open back up and bands can perform live…everyone better watch out.

Available on all streaming platforms, “Crown (Of Lilith)” comes out TODAY!

Check it out here! You won’t be disappointed.


You can connect with Within The Pyre through Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/withinthepyre/