Thy Art Is Murder | After the Burial | Currents | Brand Of Sacrifice – Show Review – Portland, Oregon – June 18, 2022 – Bossanova

To sum up this show in one word would be “Woah.”  I haven’t been to a show with this much stage-diving, moshing, and energy in a very long time.  Portland was out in rare form to see these four amazingly heavy bands.

We had the double pleasure of witnessing the last night of their tour in Portland, Oregon on June 18th, 2022, as well as interviewing CJ of Thy Art is Murder.

In the interview with CJ, we learned a “little” about the upcoming music, as well as the strict lockdown in Australia, family, mental illness,and the difference between the United States and Australia regarding health care and government.  We learned CJ’s dreams for the band, and so much more.  He’s down to earth, personable, honest, and a nice guy.

We took our spot front row, left side facing the stage.  It was one of the most anticipated shows and the fans came early…the place was packed.

As I talked with the people in the crowd, it was evident that each band on the tour had its own fans.  Some came to see Brand of Sacrifice, some Currents, some After the Burial, and some for Thy Art is Murder.  I was there to see After the Burial, but soon became a fan of the other three.

Brand of Sacrifice was up first and came on with the force of a category 5 hurricane.  Their intense music with the heavy low breakdowns threw the crowd into a frenzy. Top notch performers…their drummer was exceptional.

In the 30-minute set, Brand of Sacrifice played:

  • Fortress
  • Millennium
  • Demon King
  • Animal
  • Lifeblood
  • Altered Eyes
  • Eclipse

Up next was Currents.  A little demurer at first, I thought this would be a little break from the moshing.  That was not the case.  They threw down a set of heavy music, which started the stage diving that would continue throughout the night.

Being short and a girl, I’m generally the doorway.  On this night, grown ass men would charge behind me and the lady to my left, fingernails dug into my shoulders as they used us to hop on stage, then turn around and leap back over our heads, kicking us with their shoes in the process.  I got as close to her as I could, but it continued.  I don’t mind a few, but the entitlement of the stage divers pissed me off after about 10 of them, and I fought back with a “no,” and squished up against my partner to the left.  I was determined to hold my spot until I saw After the Burial.  The members spun around and kicked, making it obvious that they love what they do.

Currents’ set included:

  • Monsters
  • Poverty of Self
  • The Rope
  • A Flag to Wave
  • Tremor
  • Better Days
  • Into Despair

After the Burial was up next and they were everything I expected and more. With sweat dripping off my face…my hair drenched, I latched onto the barrier with all of my might.  Fingers trying to dig into my hands to grab hold, I was not moving.  After the Burial were spot on, tighter than tight, and so energetic.  Vocalist Anthony Notarmaso took a joint from the crowd and passed it around to the members.  There was a cute story when it got to guitarist Trent Hafdahl who wouldn’t partake.  Apparently, the only other time they had taken a drag, was a disaster with new lyrics and guitar parts not ever played before.  “It was all in good fun.”  Notarmaso talked about the pandemic and his struggles with the lockdown.  He said encouraging words about checking in on your friends and that there is no shame in getting help.  They dedicated the song to Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder who recently took his own life. “Behold the Crown” made the crowd insane, and I didn’t want their set to end.  With 25 more minutes slotted for the band, during a guitar swap, the band chanted “ATB, ATB…one more song…one more song.”  They played many more songs and seemed amused by the shortening of their name.

After the Burial

After the Burial’s set included:

  • Collapse
  • In Flux
  • Exit, Exist
  • Behold the crown
  • Deluge
  • Laurentian Ghost
  • Quicksand
  • Lost in the Static
  • Mire
  • Neo Seoul
  • A Wolf Amongst Ravens

Thy Art is Murder was the star of the show.  I pussed out and got some water just as they took the stage (to avoid walking through the pit).  However, it was a mistake, as I couldn’t make my way back to the front.  I headed upstairs to the VIP area and watched from above.  Significant lights, sirens, fog…it was a beautiful blur of metal, flying kids, a mosh pit akin to the biggest festival.  CJ and the rest of Thy Art is Murder was heavy, groove-oriented, with killer breakdowns, and definitely the best of the night.  This, the 10-year anniversary of Hate, made us all impatient to see what comes next.  In talking to CJ, they were leaving the next morning to disperse to different parts of the world – Germany, Australia, New Jersey, etc.  Check out our interview with CJ, coming soon.

This four-band tour was a dream tour that any fan of metal, metalcore, deathcore…heavy music, in general, was lucky to see.

Thy Art is Murder played:

  • Death Squad Anthem
  • Make America Hate Again
  • The Purest Strain of Hate
  • Human Target
  • Eternal Suffering
  • Dear Desolation
  • Fur and Claw
  • Holy War
  • New Gods
  • The Son of Misery
  • Chemical Christ
  • Puppet Master (encore)
  • Reign of Darkness (encore)

Brand Of Sacrifice


After The Burial

Thy Art Is Murder