Smak Dab’s Now Serves a MIRP Burger

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It’s Beefy and its big…The MIRP Burger, now featured at Smak Dab’s, is a burger inadvertently designed by MIRP co-founder Jerimia.  He is a bit picky with his burgers being quite the bbq expert himself.  He ordered this combination so much, Christopher Richardson, owner of Smak Dab’s, decided to make it a thing.  With a hearty patty of beef, bacon, a fried egg, and plenty of BBQ sauce, it’s messy and delicious.  We’d like to thank Christopher and the crew at Smak Dab’s for the honor.  You can try Smak Dab’s for yourself at NE 52nd and Sandy – Rose City Food Park (and we’d highly suggest you do!)  Chris’ dream to open a food card has served us all well.

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