It was one of those special nights when all of the Portland Metal scene came together for one purpose.  Metal.

Jerimia and I arrived early to conduct the interview with Tatiana and Eugene of Jinjer.  After a successful and pleasant half hour with the duo, we found our spot inside the Paris theater.

Up first was one of my favorite local bands, Von Doom.  Another great performance, complete with Billy playing to fans on the floor.  Always on-point, heavy, and looking like they love what they do, the opener played to the supportive local scene.

A quick set change and Vintersea took the stage.  Vintersea, one of only a few female fronted bands here in Portland, equally captivated the audience.  Every time I see them, they get better and better.  I particularly love the attitude of lead singer Avienne.  Her growling vocals are excellent, and she hits the stage with an air of confidence and believability that is rare.  Wearing a short spring dress, she didn’t look at all like the vocalist of a metal band.  But as soon as she opened up her mouth, you knew she was.

The mighty Othrys was next.  Vocalist Sebastian continuously shows dedication and absolute commitment to metal through his performance.  Groove-oriented, with perfect vocals, Othyrs is a rare talent, and Sebastian is the real deal.  The pit was friendly, with gentle moshing between friends, and the addition of the awesome gun in the wheelchair kept it friendly and kind.  Unfortunately, the wet floor caused feet to be taken out from underneath many, unexpectedly

Peeking behind the curtain, stage right, were members of Jinjer throughout the entire show.  Not overlooked by the supporting bands, this gesture was appreciated.

As Jinjer approached the stage one by one, the sold-out crowd changed “Jinger,” “Jinger,” “Jinger,” until Tatiana took the stage; then they screamed.  With beauty untouched by blatant sexuality, she commanded the stage.  Wearing pot leaf sweat pants and a black cropped sweater, she looked casual and cool, and quickly proved why the show was sold out.  With absolute control over her voice, she made the transition between harsh and pretty vocals flawlessly.  A true band full of talent, each member proved why they held their position in this largely unseen band.  It was their first tour on US soil, and they made a huge impact, showing us that great music does in deed come out of the Ukraine.


You can check our our interview with Eugene and Tatiana below: