It was a brilliant line up.  Smart; showcasing heavy hitters of hard music from the 90s – today. England’s Asking Alexandria opened the show with polish and poise, showcasing vocalist Danny Worsnop amazing voice.  Guitarists Ben Bruce and Cameron Liddell provided the movement, often spinning around in circles while they played.  As the youngest band on the bill, they quickly and easily proved why they were selected to open the stage for the two stadium worthy co-headliners.

With pyrotechnics that were felt clear across the stadium, 90s mega stars Godsmack took the stage in what would be their final date on this leg of the tour.  Charismatic Sully Erna talked more than I’d seen before, but what he had to say was not only inspirational, but at times was really sweet.  And quite frankly, after selling over 20 million records, he can pretty much say anything he wants.   “This is about you.  I want you to hear it.  I want you to feel it.  This music is for you.  YOU light up the show.”  “I’m sending this one out for the girls; the beautiful ladies.  Bring the ladies up.  It has its rewards…you get to see boobies.” Stadium worthy bands like Godsmack are really special to see live.  While it’s definitely not as intimate as a club, there is nothing that compares to the sound…the full, crisp, and clear sound.  Being the last date and being Godsmack, they paid respect to Pantera, AC/DC and many others by peppering their classic riffs within their set.  “Voodoo” was visually stimulating with the seductive low flowing fog, and no longer does Sully drag out his bongos.  Instead, a matching drum riser thrust forward with bongos on one side, and a full kit on the other.  The duel between Erna and Shannon Larkin was old-school arena-worthy, done in a modern way.

He boasted speeches about enjoying the night: “You are not in your living room…you are at a fucking rock concert.  Don’t be that guy who has to ask your fucking wife for permission.” And shared funny stories like: “Cindy Crawford’s fucking eye cream…I’m 50 fucking years old.  Thank you to Cindy Crawford…she made me young again.”

Touring on their new album, “When Legends Rise,” they played both old and new, and showed why they are still relevant 20+ years later.

Florida’s Shinedown, with half of the album sales as Godsmack, and a little later start in their career, ended the night with an incredible set, totally worthy of taking the coveted headliner spot from Godsmack.

They opened the show with “Sounds of Madness.”  That recognizable guitar riff, followed by: Yeah, I get it you’re an outcast, always under attack always coming in last, bringing up the past no one owes you anything, I think you need a shotgun blast a kick in the ass!  So paranoid!  Watch your back!  And then BOOM, pyrotechnics and massive banner drop!

Their stage set was physically challenging, and they maneuvered it with ease.

This night found them playing a variety of songs from their collection, with some from their newest release, “Attention, Attention.”  Their set included:

  • Sounds of Madness
  • Diamond Eyes
  • Cut the Cord
  • I’ll Follow You
  • Bully
  • Get Up
  • Enemies
  • Unity
  • State of My Head
  • Second Chance
  • Simple Man
  • Devil

The first song was a smart choice with the mega hit “Sounds of Madness,” and they placed “Simple Man” properly to wind down the crowd in order to properly hear their new single, “Devil.”

Promoters of this tour knew what they were doing by blending mega stars from the 90s to now.