My friend Amir and I arrived at the venue early because I had been granted interviews with the three main bands:  Revocation, Exhumed, and Rivers of Nihil.

Rivers of Nihil was the first interview of the day, and the first question I asked guitarist Brody was is it Nih hill or Nile; it’s Nile.

Just after Revocations’ soundcheck, Brett Bamburger found his way to us and we did what would be my seventh interview with Revocation.

My interview with Exhumed happened during the show, but turned out to be my favorite of the night.

Both Rank and Vile and Yautja put on a respectable show.  The buzz in the crowd was about Rivers of Nihil the entire night and the crowd really poured in when they took the stage.

Rivers of Nihil is a highly energetic, aggressive and awesome technical death metal band from Pennsylvania.  Not even around for 10 years, they are positioning themselves as being inspirational to new and upcoming bands.  I heard that first hand from some local musicians who have a new project directly inspired by Rivers of Nihil. Supporting their new album, “Where Owls Know My name,” Rivers of Nihil are definitely a band to watch.

Exhumed was up next and came with full theatrics.  Sawblades spinning in Marshall stacks, chainsaw maniacs, and guitarists with grinders.  Their brand of old school death metal is pleasant even if you’ve never heard of them before.  With over 25 years under their belt, they don’t seem to tire and seem to still absolutely love what they do.  My conversation with Matt Harvey revealed a lot about what makes him tick and why he still does what he does.  Touring on 2017’s “Death Revenge,” Matt and his band showed us why they are still relevant in the scene.

Revocation came with even more than they usually do.  Their light show was seriously upgraded and it made for an even more intense experience.  Revocation is a band that is exquisite.  David Davidson’s intensity, skill, and love of the guitar is so apparent.  The love and part of his soul that goes into writing every run, riff, and scale is shown on his face.  The dedication that the men of Revocation have to their craft is not only impressive but rare.  I’ll see them every time they come to town.