A total of five bands were on this bill. At first, the crowd was mostly female, and it took a while for the crowd to warm up.

Local band Tragedy opened the show. Tragedy is a three member group who rapped to tracks. A couple of the members had face paint on. Their sound and overall persona would make any Juggalo excited because the raps were fast and reminded me a little of ICP. If Tragedy wasn’t your style, you likely would have enjoyed the next band.  It transitioned from rap to reggae with the Sindicate, also a local band from Vancouver, Washington.  This four piece brought the groove down a bit. Their dirty grungy vocals with a little bit of punk thrown in even brought the venue’s sound man Rumble up front to enjoy a couple of songs. Next up was something new for me – a DJ in the middle of the show. DJ Chris Crisis eventually got the crowd bouncing. His music choices seemed to flow well. Personally, I felt a DJ was odd, but he did take the roll as the MC for the rest of the night.

Next up was the act that really surprised me – BNMC. These guys blew me away. Once they took the stage, the energy went through the roof.  They consisted of three vocalists, a drummer, a mix/keyboarder, and a guitarist. I would consider these guys to be sort of rap/rock because the music had some heavy rock influence and some awesome guitar moments. The three vocalists each had their own distinct sound and rhythm of rap that flowed harmoniously. I loved the choreographed parts because it reminded me of when other bands do their synchronized head bangs or guitar flings. You could tell these guys were having a great time. I would totally see these guys out again.

Finally, the reason why most of us were there, Rehab! The stage was simple with two small screens that showed either the appropriate music videos or other screen shots that went with the music. Every now and then, they brought out the acoustic guitar and did a song. The vocals were smooth and the feeling from the songs was genuine. One of the members of Rehab was wearing a BNMC t-shirt showing support, which always translates well to the audience and inspires a sense of community. This show seemed to have a somewhat slow roller coaster beginning with the last part of the show providing all the twists and turns that evoke adrenaline. – SS11