Privacy Policy

At we value your privacy. We know and respect that some or all of the information you provide us on our website is personal and we know and value how important it is to protect this information. It is always our intention to only use any personal information we collect form you to correspond, inform, or use in our legitimate business interest your reasonable expectations of privacy. The policy may be revised or updated at any time, and we encourage you to review it

We collect data if you share personal information on a post, blog, page, or photos, you may share information with one of our staff through email (tips, stories, comments, etc.,) or if you sign up with our mailing list or participate in any contest, surveys, or competitions. Your personal information may include your name, physical address, street address, telephone number, IP address, OS, internet browser, domain name, and any browsing history prior to your visit to that may be beneficial to MIRP regarding advertising. Sharing your personal information in not required to view our site, however, it may be to access certain features such as the calendar, or contests, as an example. At this time, there is no requirement to share your information.

The information we collect is simply for us to better entertain you. We want to know your personal preferences, music news gathering habits, and your interests. We also provide as a free site, and in doing so, we need advertisers. We may use the information we collect to help our advertisers target the appropriate audience.

Unless required by law, we will not disclose any of your personal information to a third party that is not, our website builder, or an advertiser.

We may collect non-identifiable information such as how many times you’ve visited our site, or clicked on an ad. It is possible in doing so that an advertiser may recognize or insert a unique cookie on your browser.

For us to bring you the entertainment listed on our site, we may need to report to PR companies, Bands, Promoters, etc., traffic statistics, clicks, and other computer techy stuff.

At current standing, when allowed, our partners may use cookies and/or other monitoring techniques to gather statistics. But that type of data collection has no personally identifiable information.

It could be that third-party sites who have links in and out of our site could collect or use your personal information, and they are not covered in this disclosure agreement.