MIRP Co-Founders Disclose Their Picks For Top 10 Albums of 2018

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MIRP covers all genres of music…and it’s clear why by this list.  MIRP Co founders Jerimia, Susanna, and Susie show vastly differing tastes in music.  2018 was a year filled with an abundance of music released by new artists like Noah Cyrus and established artists such as Eminem and Behemoth.  Which list best matches your musical taste?  Agree?  Disagree?  Start the conversation!  What are your top album picks for 2018?



  1. Eminem “Kamikaze”
  2. Wheeler Walker, Jr. “WWIII”
  3. Bad Wolves “Disobey”
  4. Cane Hill “Too Far Gone”
  5. Crossfaith “Ex_Machina”
  6. Ariana Grande “Sweetener”
  7. Jonathan Davis “Black Labyrinth”
  8. Skindred “Big Tings”
  9. The Browning “Geist”
  10. Noah Cyrus “Good Cry”



  1. Wolfheart “Constellation of the Black Light”
  2. Immortal “Northern Chaos Gods”
  3. Watain “Trident Wolf Eclipse”
  4. Behemoth “I Loved You at Your Darkest”
  5. Rivers of Nihil “Where Owls Know My Name”
  6. Jungle Rot “Jungle Rot”
  7. Revocation “The Outer Ones”
  8. Psycroptic “As The Kingdom Drowns”
  9. Skeletonwitch “Devouring Radiant Light”
  10. Amorphis “Queen of Time”



  1. Crossfaith “Ex-Machina”
  2. Architects “Holy Hell”
  3. Avatar “Avatar Country”
  4. The Browning “Geist”
  5. Eminem “Kamikaze”
  6. Jonathan Davis “Black Labyrinth”
  7. Starset “Vessels 2.0”
  8. Hozier “Nina Cried Power”
  9. From Ashes to New “The Future”
  10. Camila Cabello “Camila”

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