The best concerts are the ones where the band on stage is obviously enjoying themselves and loving what they do and the crowd response. The energy is just flowing back and forth between the musicians on stage and the audience. Enthusiasm was in no short supply at this show. The crowd that came out to this show was a good mixture of ages and style. To kick it off our very own “Chinatown Dance Rock” band The Slants took the stage. Their drummer, Tyler, was amazing. Every member came out on stage with their punk gear on and ready to get the crowd pumped up. Aron’s vocals were smooth and fit perfect with the ‘in your face’ music. Next was the Red Paintings, classified as Orchestral Art Rock. I feel their music was more of a visual treat. This four piece included drums, bass, guitar and violin. Each member donned historical Asian inspired clothing and they brought up local artist to paint on a canvas and two live statues. Their performance was interesting, different, eccentric, my only problem was I felt there needed to be more interaction with the band mates. The break before Mindless Self Indulgence, you could feel the anticipation from the crowd. Once they took the stage, everyone was jumping with excitement. The stage was a simple set. The energy level was through the roof! Jimmy, the singer, had the crazy dance moves to match the all over singing style. Loved the fact that both the drummer and bassist were females. You could tell that the band was having fun and the crowd responded with bouncing and dancing to the music. Every member was entertaining and left you wanting more. Overall, this show got you up and moving while also giving your eyes a treat. – SS11