Little Miss Nasty | Gina and the Eastern Block | Raven Black – Show Review – April 27, 2023 – Portland, Oregon – Star Theater

Having never seen a burlesque show, I was quite intrigued.

We showed up to the venue early to interview the lovely Raven Black.  To my surprise, the entire band was there for the interview.  We sat in the small RV, knee to knee and began.  Raven is one of the nicest, kindest, and most well-spoken musicians I’ve encountered in quite a while.  At the end of the interview, I asked each member what their gift to the world was besides music.  The standout moment was when bassist “Stitches” said, “I give 30–60-minute hugs.”  There was a little silence, and I said, “well, I’ll take you up on that,” sort of filling up the silence.  As the interview concluded and I wished them a good show, “Stitches” got up with arms extended and we embraced.  About 8 seconds in I pulled back naturally, but he held me tighter.  Cheek to cheek, the band started counting, “one, two, three…” all the way to 60.  It was adorable.

We had an hour to kill while waiting to interview Gina from Little Miss Nasty and Gina and the Eastern Block, so we ventured out to our normal eating spots downtown Portland, only to find quite changed.  Boards on windows, homeless everywhere, restaurants closed.  We stopped by the forever standing Dante’s pizza window and grabbed a slice and ate it on the way back to the venue.

We sat down with Gina from Little Miss Nasty and Gina and the Eastern Block and had a nice chat.  She was sweet and forthcoming, and let us know that we were in for a surprise tonight.

Up first was Raven Black.  Her backstory translated well – half girl, half doll, in a world protected by her demon “Muppet,” she exudes strength and confidence, and her voice was top-notch.

A quick set change and Gina and the Eastern Block took the stage.  Gina, in a full lacey leopard see-through body suit  provocatively danced to guitarist Creighton Emrick (Orgy) and record producer/drummer Marc Jordan’s well done music.  Gina’s voice, sexy and sultry, fit perfectly with her seductive antics on stage.

Often on her knees or bending over backwards on stairs with her legs apart, it worked well.  Creighton’s large presence and alluring moves kept many of the girls’ attention, while Gina was clearly adored by the rest of the women and men in the front row.  She was playful and pretty; fit and sans any body fat.  While she is visually entertaining, her voice was as well.

With stripper anthems such as “Sippin’ On A forty” and “Bootsy Wally,” “Get Gone,” “I Love You, I Hate You,” “Big Black Van,” “Wasted,” “Fuck the System,” and KoRn’s “Freak On A Leash,” the crowd had a small introduction to what was about to come with Little Miss Nasty.  Gina took to the floor to interact with the crowd, followed by the nice to look at Creighton.

I was standing next to the stairs to the stage and Creighton stopped at me for a few minutes to give me a little private show.

As we waited for Little Miss Nasty, the crowd pushed forward as the stagehands assembled a rack of sorts.  Part stripper pole, part jungle gym, the crew made sure it was stable for the girls.  A lady knocked over her glass on the stage, even though there were plastered signs everywhere saying “don’t put anything on the stage” – and it shattered.  Many came out to clean it up, wiping on their hands and knees excessively, even shining a flashlight on the stage to make sure all glass was removed.  As the girls took to the stage in very little clothing, I understood why there was such a fuss about the glass.  The girls of Little Miss Nasty were on their knees, backs, arms, faces, and had there been glass, there no doubt would have been blood.

Little Miss Nasty is a choreographed and entertaining group of the most beautiful and fit women around.  Each song had the girls dressed in a different outfit where perfectly timed simulations of oral sex, fellatio, bondage, and straight up sexy dancing.  The acrobatics that they performed on the rack were incredibly powerful, the precision of their moves was on-point, and each girl had the opportunity to showcase her personal style.

With a background of popular metal such as Rage Against the Machine and Pantera (to name a few), Gina and some of the other girls sang their own songs as well.  Gina, more than the others, interacted with the crowd, often shoving the faces of those in the first row into her crotch, touching their faces gingerly, and nearly kissing a few.

Towards the end of the show Gina introduced the dancers.  Making the women even more exotic, she introduced the one that captivated me the most from Jamaica, and another from Greece.

I’m not into girls sexually, but the one from Jamaica could turn any lady into being bisexual at a minimum.

It’s not your traditional burlesque, but it is entertaining.  These ladies are not only beautiful and fit, but are athletes through and through.

Raven Black

Gina and the Eastern Block

Little Miss Nasty