Recently posted on his instagram, Jesse Leach issued a challenge to all of us.  As a media outlet, we accept his challenge.

We are always pleased to see the success of our peers.  So, we’d like to take a moment and say to our friends at:  Metal Pulp and Paper, YesterdazeNews, Mike Lewis Photography, and Portland Heavy Scene — We celebrate you, we support you, we love standing next to you at shows, we value you friendship, and we love reading/viewing what you’ve done!  We recognize how hard you work and we acknowledge the caliber of the company we are in!

Here is Jesse’s instagram message:

jesse_d_leachI challenge you to re post this and share this. If you are a media outlet then why not help spread some positivity today? First of all I’ve watched the members of Killswitch live above the nonsense that most all bands go through when dealing with parting ways with a band member. There weren’t headlines about their issues or personal brawls & disrespecting anyone’s character. They had their issues Howard had his & they parted ways. Here we are over 6 years after my return & I’ve seen those issues dissolve, be forgiven & friends reuniting behind the scenes. This level of respect & friendship is admirable & I’m honored to be a part of it. I wasn’t close to Howard during all of this & it wasn’t my business to talk about it. However now I consider Howard a friend. So I decided to shine light on the positive aspects of this history & relationship by extending a hand of solidarity & recognition. So I asked him to sing on a song for the new album (which he did) & now to join us on stage to sing a song with us. I understand we are different vocalists & some people have a preference. Hell prior to my vocal surgery I wasn’t sure about my vocal performances, it was rough. However I’ve learned a great deal since then not just about proper technique but about the power of words, music & having a voice. After having a second chance at this as a career I decided to use this voice for what it was intended for, to bring people together. I also feel I have to recognize all of the hard work Howard put in for 9 years with KSE. I am a fan of his work and now his friend & I want him to do well with his band @lightthetorchband and his career. THAT is what this is about, respect and solidarity, not division & comparison. Killswitch isn’t changing its line up & my ego or insecurities will not dictate how I carry myself in my career. My friends have overcome & forgiven so I take this opportunity to show my solidarity and respect for that. Support both bands, focus on the beauty of friendship and stop wasting time on comparison and a possibility that has no bearing on reality. Make this about what it is, the power of friendship, forgiveness, humility and respect! Music is Life! All hails!