New York’s Dub Trio opened the show with a mix of nearly every type of music.  Technically great, this instrumental trio gave a worthy performance opening up for Incubus.  Combining rock, punk, jazz, experimental, ambient, electronic, and heavy metal sounds, they did a nice job setting the tone for our beloved Incubus…but truth be told, we were really just there for Incubus.


Incubus started the show by providing us with an up close and personal glimpse of their mindset 20 years ago.  Through a 10-minute documentary containing footage from 20 years ago, this video let us inside Incubus’ inner circle and provided commentary from each member describing how the album “Make Yourself” came to be.  It was nice to see them as young men at the start of their career.


Brandon Boyd is sexy. Not blonde Swedish melodic death metal guitar player sexy, but ….um…natural sexy. Like New Orleans in summer humid, laying on a bed scattered with really fuzzy soft blankets, post sex sweat covered bodies pressed against each other to where it almost feels cold…feeding each other blackberries (hey, I like blackberries)…the clash of patchouli and lavender scented candles blended with the smell of the ocean and unshowered bodies sexy.


Every time I see Incubus, that 2% of me that wants to live communally with 10 people and no fixed partner, living off the land…off the grid, where the biggest decision of the day is whether to put sprouts and sunflower seeds on your organic swiss and pita sandwich.


Tonight, I saw them for the fifth time, playing one of my favorite albums in its entirety. For a moment I was really sad when I realized nearly everyone was coupled…kissing…holding hands, sharing the music of Incubus. Then I remembered that I don’t want to share Incubus intimately because Incubus is the band that has helped me through every breakup. It’s a band of strength and rebuilding, recognition and realization in my unique world.


Couples dominated the auditorium with the exception of three 40 something men behind me who were standing on the backs of the seats in this beautiful, often opera hosting auditorium; they were singing louder than Brandon, and shouting to him as if they were his very good personal friend.


A stark contrast to the metal shows I generally cover…this venue had classy beer, and roasted nuts with fine dark chocolate.


Brandon’s voice was better than I’d ever heard it. Not a false note in the night. Dressed well with a proper shirt and jacket, capri pants that hugged close at the ankle and converse with no socks, he shed layers of his outfit throughout the night ending with his shirt dripped in sweat and open, revealing his amazing body.


I’m a woman. I noticed…and I was not unhappy about it.


I’ve loved Incubus since the first time I picked up “Make Yourself,” in anticipation of seeing them live at Ozzfest in 2000.  Songs such as “Consequence,” “Make Yourself,” and “Drive,” have helped me pick myself back up after divorce.  “Dig” has always helped me check myself and remind me that I have the best friends who will always “dig me out from under what is covering the better part of me.”  “The Warmth,” I miss You,” and “Wish You Were Here,” well, like everyone else…they have helped in love and loss.


Incubus is one of those special bands that genre jump and bring fans together from every point in the genre spectrum.  They tell stories to remind us that we are not alone and provide the soundtrack to important parts of our life.


Unfortunately, co-founder and photographer Jer was stuck in traffic six hours away; luckily I have cool friends and was able to borrow one from an amazing photographer in Seattle.

On this night, Incubus played:


  • Privilege
  • Nowhere Fast
  • Consequence
  • The Warmth
  • When it Comes
  • Stellar
  • Make Yourself
  • Acoustic: Drive
  • Clean
  • DJ Solo
  • Battelstar Scralatchtica
  • I miss You
  • Altered: Pardon Me
  • Out from Under
  • Into the Summer
  • Sick Sad Little World
  • Love Hurts
  • No Fun
  • Anna Molly
  • Encore: Dig
  • Encore: Wish You Were Here