Rushing to the theater from work, I make it in time to see local band Simon Says Die set up, but ​I missed​ the first local band who started the show,​The Intercedent from Bend, Oregon, who ​kicked off the night. From what I heard from other audience members, I missed a great performance so hopefully I get the chance to see them sometime in the near future. Now Simon Says Die, I have seen before and they seem to perfect their craft a little more each time I see them. Simon Says Die band members include Austin Yeager (Vocals), Sean Bowden (Guitar/Vocals/Programming), Josh Bridge (Lead Guitar), and T-Rav (Drums). Their sound is very reminiscence of Warped Tour to me. They played my personal favorite, a cover of Flock of Seagulls “I Ran” which always gets the crowd moving and singing along. Simon Says Die also played some new songs such as “Beggers” and ended their set with “Sleepwalkers” which they just released a new music video for. The music video is so professional looking and sort of creepy, it goes very well with the song. If you haven’t checked it out, I suggest you do.

Next up was Saint Diablo from Richmond, Virginia. This heavy metal L​atin band really brought the energy level up a notch. Saint Diablo consist of Tito Quinones (Vocals), Justin Adams (Guitar), Tyler Huffman (Bass), and Brian Bush (Drums). Tito was so animated during the songs that you can’t help but enjoy it, he sort of reminded me of Jared from (hed) p.e.. Tyler, who looks like a WWE wrestler, prowls on stage like he is about ready to attack. By far my favorite song “Devil Horns and Halos” which shares the name for their newest album released last year, is very catchy yet heavy.

Following Saint Diablo is the American horror metal band, Terror Universal. This band is secretive, I have no idea where they hail from except maybe the depths of your worst nightmares. I can tell you the band members consist of former Soulfly, Ill Nino and Machine Head members. Terror Universal are PLAGUE (Vocals), MASSACRE (Drums), DIABOLUS (Guitar) and THRAX (Guitar). They kicked off their set with “Into Darkness” which was an amazing intro song that set the tone for what Terror Universal was about to bring. Their sound personally takes me back with a heavier nu-metal influence but Terror Universal definitely have their own voice. Perfect mixture of the heavy drum sound, clean and dirty vocals and killer guitar solos. As if I didn’t already become a fan of them, Terror Universal ended their set with their version of “Superbeast” by Rob Zombie and I must say they put their own flavor to this classic but honored the original as well. Even the back lighting turned that horror movie green to set the right atmosphere. Switching gears from horror metal to straight up rock and roll, come to entertain us, the band Bobaflex.

From American horror metal to American history, Bobaflex contain two members whose ancestors were part of that famous American family feud of the Hatfields and the McCoys. Bobaflex is Shaun McCoy (Guitar/Vocals), Martin McCoy (Guitar/Vocals), Dave Tipple (Guitar/Vocals), Tommy Johnson (Drums) and Jymmy Tolland (Bass/Vocals). Bobaflex definitely has that classic rock and roll sound and they put on a fantastic show. Everything from the movements of each band member, the harmonies to the outfits gave that old school rock feel. From their new album Anything That Moves, they played rock anthem worthy “Mama (Don’t Take My Drugs Away)” which you could not help but sing along to. Bobaflex also played the very harmonic “Spider In The Dark” which I bet a stripped down version of this song would be epic. Shaun, Martin, Dave and Jymmy really harmonize beautifully. Bobaflex really left you wanting more. If you were not at this show, do yourself a favor and next time Bobaflex comes to town, go!

Finally to end the night was the almighty Ill Nino from New Jersey. Tonight we celebrate the 15 year anniversary of their first full length album Revolution Revolucion. Ill Nino consist of Cristian Machado (Lead Vocals),  Dave Chavarri (Drums), Laz Pina (Bass), Ahrue Luster (Lead Guitar), Diego Verduzco (Rhythm Guitar) and Oscar Santiago (Percussion). If you know the album, you know the set list. They kick it off with the fast, mosh worthy “God Save Us” which fed into the audience’s excitement. Fans of Ill Nino and those that knew the songs well started the mosh pits right on que. Everyone around me was signing along, even the parts that are Spanish. Ill Nino has found the balance of Latin music and metal, you can hear it with the Oscar’s percussions and in songs like “What Comes Around” and “Liar” which has a bit of Spanish guitar. They played my personal favorite, the dark and heavy “I Am Loco” which got the crowd moshing and jumping. It was an amazing night to celebrate such an amazing album. Every person there that night left happy and although the venue was not sold out on a Monday night, the energy and passion filled the building. Thank you Ill Nino for the great show and for Revolution Revolucion!