Headbangers CONline 2020

I want to talk about the Second Annual Headbangers Conline that takes place December 5-6, 2020.

“I’ll be signing shit, hanging out, answering questions, play a little guitar maybe, and will for sure be having drinks” – Gary Holt (Exodus/Slayer).  I freaked out when I saw that video clip today.

I’ve made few journalist blunders in my career, and I made another recently.  I remember when I told The Black Dahlia Murder that I didn’t like bands that started with “The.” I remember when my recorder failed during my interview with Deicide.  And I remember my first Zoom interview fail with Chris 51 of Headbangers Conline, — 2020.  Rather than do it again, which founder Chris 51 generously offered, I decided to go a different route.

The maiden Headbangers Con in November 2018 was amazing.  If you were there, you know what I mean.  Chris 51 designed a convention where everyone had unimaginable access to their musical heroes.  They walked among us, it was entertaining, exciting, and a once-in-a-lifetime event.   Wait!

Not so fast.  It wasn’t a one off!

It seems that whatever forward thinker Chris 51 touches is successful.  We all know 2020 is a weird year…but it can’t stop rock and roll, and Chris knew that.  In the face of a global pandemic, racial tension, an election, live music on hold, and self-isolation, Chris 51 decided to put on Headbangers Conline…because we all need it.  How you ask?  How do you do a rock and roll convention online?  Well, actually it’s quite brilliant.

If you go to https://headbangerscon.com/tickets each artist has a “package,” or “packages,” with the majority consisting of an “Autograph Package” and/or a “VIP Package.”  Some even offer an “Experience Package” that will blow your mind!

Let me show you Headbangers Con’s co-founder, Morgan Rose of Sevendust as an example:

Most offer the same packages as Morgan of Sevendust…however, there are a couple of really cool specials.

Seriously, who would have even thought of this in 2020?  Chris 51, that’s who!

The website is super clear and Chris 51 has made it so that it is affordable; you don’t have to choose just one of your favorite musicians.  Again, that website is:  https://headbangerscon.com and I’d recommend you go quickly because the packages are limited, and the online virtual event is coming up very soon.

Seriously, how often do you get to have a chat with Rudy Sarzo, or Randy Blythe, or Gary Holt, or…. You get my point.

Rather than limiting it to the Pacific Northwest, 2020’s Headbangers Conline is open virtually world-wide.  And when you see the artists that are on the roster, you’ll lose it!

Also, Chris 51 proves his coordination superiority by having some of the artists record a personal invitation.  Here are some of my favorites:

I can’t decide who I’m most excited about.  It might be Rudy Sarzo.  The year was 1981 and I was 14.  It was my first concert (Blizzard of Ozz, Portland, Oregon) – and he was right in front of me; one of the most talented bassists in modern history.  I lost my mind!  Every bassist I’ve ever seen has been compared to Rudy Sarzo, and that moment began my lifelong love affair with metal.  Chad Grey is on my short list.  I’m a huge Helmet fan and can’t wait to meet Page Hamilton.  Dirk Verbeuren, who I was too shy to talk to during 2018’s Headbangers Con…the list of dream interviews is endless.

This is indeed an opportunity you don’t want to miss.  Really, it is a shiny beacon of awesomeness in the face of 2020.

Below are just some of the photos of the M.I.R.P crew from the Headbangers Con 2018.