Cosmic punks WACO to release debut album Human Magic in early 2019

London quartet WACO have joined forces with Standby Records (Emarosa, Black Veil Brides) for their debut album, due for release in early 2019.

Check out their frenetic new video for the opening track, The Jersey Devil.

Listen to “The Jersey Devil” on Spotify:

Throughout the record, the band ambitiously explore new musical frontiers, which can be heard in songs like N15Daydream and Catbrain.

The weirdo rockers venture as far as Americana, piano ballads and prog, while staying rooted in punk rock. A spiralling and intoxicating trip from start to finish.

About the album, the band said, “Magic is real. I’ve seen it with my naked eyes, heard it with my humble ears and felt it in my soul. It surrounds us. Nature, art, love and community are all made of magic. This album is about Human Magic – trying to understand the complex and mysterious human condition, and about how life can be mystical, difficult and wonderful all at once.”

Photo: Ashton Hertz


London brought them together in 2014 and since then they released music through Gallows’ label Venn Records.

Preaching their gospel of optimism and love across the UK and Europe alongside the likes of Juliette Lewis & The Licks, Anti-Flag and Slaves has meant that they’re collecting heads and hearts wherever they go. Their version of rock ‘n roll is one laced with metaphysics, conspiracy theories and spirituality, which makes them oddballs in both the rock world and the punk scene. However, with disciples nationwide and with BBC Radio 1 blessings from Zane Lowe, Dan P Carter and Phil Taggart, this cosmic quartet are set for transdimensional success.