Alina Baraz serenaded the crowd with her pretty voice and jazzy band.  By the sound of her music, you’d assume she would fit right in at a small smoky jazz club, but on this night, she had the attention of Coldplay fans.  She was a tiny girl on a monstrous stage, but her voice was anything but.  At likely just 50% capacity, Baraz sauntered through her set with grace and talent.  While most every song sounded the same vocally, it was enjoyable.

Enter Tove Lo.  The burning question on everyone’s mind was:  Will she flash her breasts?  The answer was an absolute no, however her tiny top often appeared to barely hold her buxom breasts as she bounced about.  Looking like a pretty Michelle Pfeiffer circa Scarface…Lo has an element of coolness that isn’t matched by many.  Wearing a red jogging pant and tiny red top, she moved about the stage like a skater punk’s girlfriend, but with the voice of a pop star full of confidence and emotion.   There is no denying that she is a great talent.  The show was good, but relatively uneventful.

​After a grueling 45-minute wait, Coldplay finally took the stage.  As they appeared on stage, Martin spoke.  He spoke about the sadness of the world, the tragic occurrences in Vegas, and the death of Tom Petty, and asked the crowd to turn on the light on their cell phone on participate in a moment of silence.  The crowd, sans a few attention seekers, obliged.  When the moment of silence was over, Martin, joined by Peter Buck of REM gently covered Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty.  It was touching and relatively good, but not as good as it was about to be.  After the Petty classic, Martin said, “OK, now let’s start the show”!  Our digital bracelets, that were handed out upon entry, emitted the most beautiful red light, blinking to the beat, as Martin skipped down the catwalk engulfed by eruption of confetti and rainbow lights that highlighted the confetti for minutes.  It was one of the most energetic, polished, and colorful shows I’ve experienced.  It just made you happy to see.  Coldplay was the star of the night.