MIRP: I am sitting here with Gage Dean (singer/bass) and Gunnar Richardson (guitar). They just finished playing a show at the Hawthorne Theater for a Battle of the Bands. These guys are 14-17 years old and rock like veterans. If you haven’t seen them –you owe it to yourself to check them out. They will blow you away!

MIRP: How did you come together as a band

Gunnar: I had this concept of Chronological Injustice for a while and was with some other dude for a short period of time but could never get the band together, so eventually I joined School Of Rock where I met Gage and other members of the band. We started playing cover shows, became friends, and that started our motivation to start the band.

MIRP: Where did the name “Chronological Injustice” come from?

Gunnar: Basically I was tired of hearing lyrics about having sex and doing drugs and stuff; as fond as I am of those things – hahaha! No, I just did not think it was worth writing about! I started thinking that there is so many horrible things that man has done to man in the past that it would be better to write about that stuff, so it does not repeat itself.

Gage: A little bit more depth than sex and drugs! We find it more interesting, we like to write about that.

Gunnar: We think it goes better with the whole metal evil sound. I dig it!

MIRP: How did you start playing?

Gunnar: I remember going to my grandma’s house. She had this acoustic guitar that I was always interested in and I would mess around with it. My mom got me an acoustic and I never really played it. A few years later my dad got me this really cool electric guitar, and I guess that is what I needed to actually start playing. A black and white Dean “Michael Schenker,” it looked very cool, so I was interested in it. I started messing around with it for a few months. I wrote a crappy little riff, and that got me really excited about playing guitar — so I just kept going from there.

Gage: I started in my friend’s basement playing Guitar Hero! As lame as that sounds, but it all took off from there. I was kind of like, “Wow, I enjoy what I am doing.” I started out as a guitar player, and the bass came pretty naturally. Along the way, of all the guitar and bass playing that I have done, singing just kind of came to me. I have always wanted to be a front man. I love so many metal singers! When Gunnar asked me to be his front man, I said, “of course I’ll do that”!

MIRP: What is it like to be on bills with older bands?

Gunnar: It’s awesome! It’s a real humbling experience. We like to learn from the older bands that have so much wisdom.

Gage: They have been through so much, we can really learn from what they have experienced and what they have to teach us. Like Gunnar said, it is just a really humbling experience and it is kick ass to play with them; like Kill On Sight — those guys are awesome!

MIRP: Are you looking to get sponsored and by who?

Gunnar: If I could be sponsored by anyone, it would be Dean for sure. Dimebag is my hero! I love every Dean guitar I have ever played. Dean is defiantly my favorite guitar.

Gage: If I were to get sponsored by a bass company it would be Ibanez or ESP. Both of those brands are really high quality and I love both.

MIRP: What would be the dream tour be? With who, and where would you like to go?

Gunnar: Europe or Japan.

Gage: Somewhere big, those guys are crazy. Europe has got the crazy mosh pits; European crowds are awesome.

Gunnar: As far as specific bands, I’d say Protest The Hero, Lamb Of God, Slayer, Meshuggah!

Gage: We all love Meshuggah!

Gunnar: There are a ton of other bands we would like to play with, those we just mentioned stand out at the top of the list right now. We both love Protest The Hero; we are massive fans! I think a lot of our sound comes from them.

MIRP: So would you like to do Monsters Of Rock?

Gunnar: Oh yeah!

MIRP: What are your goals as a band? Where do you want to go?

Gunnar: Hopefully bring back music

Gage: I hear a lot of music lately, and it’s horrible! I don’t understand why people like some of it.

Gunnar: Our goal is to keep the local scene alive — to keep the metal alive. I think it inspires the older metal heads to come out to shows and see the young guys playing. They are like, “That’s pretty awesome”! Since we are all teenagers, I think that gives them the feeling that metal is still alive. Metal is amazing that way!

MIRP: What are your concerns about college and other life issues that will get in the way of your dreams?

Gunnar: As far as college goes; I would like to go to a music school like Berkley College Of Music. There you can learn how to build guitars, that is if we never really make it as a band – hahaha. Other than that, I don’t have a lot of plans for college if we end up touring Europe in a year! That is a wish that is more than I could ever ask for.

Gage: My only real plans for college would be online school. That seems to be the best route now-a-days.

MIRP: But you are going to finish high school right?

Gunnar: Yeah!

Gage: Of course!

MIRP: Gunnar, obviously Dimebag is a big influence on you. Describe what Pantera and Dime mean to you.

Gunnar: My dad always listens to Pantera! I grew up with it. I never really became a fan until sixth grade when I heard “Walk” off of Cowboys From Hell. I always thought they were cool. I had Vulgar Display Of Power on my IPod for a really long time and never listen to it. I was coming home on the bus one day and was trying to find something to listen to. So I was like, I might as well try this out. I started listening to it and I though, “Holy Sh*t! This is really fricking sick.” So I listen to it every day coming home from school…repeatedly until I memorized every moment of the songs; I learned everything I could, and kind of went on from there. My writing is heavily influenced by Dimebag.

MIRP: When do you expect your first album out?

Gunnar: It is really up in the air right now. I can’t give an easy answer. Likely in six months or so. Ideally we would like to have it as soon as possible; within the next few months, but it is pretty much up in the air. Whatever happens, happens! We are slowly working towards it! But we can guarantee that there will defiantly be one out.

MIRP: How can people find your music?

Gunnar: Facebook is probably the best way.www.facebook.com/pages/Chronological-Injustice

Gage: Come up to us after shows. We are down to talk. We will be on Twitter soon. That is our only social media for now.

MIRP: Thank you both very much! We appreciate you guys hanging out and we really enjoy you music! We are looking forward to seeing what you come out with next.

Gunnar and Gage: Thank you!