Metal Band BRAINCELL is BACK with a New Single/Video “Defensive Wounds”

Lynchburg, Virginia – Braincell release their stunning metal single/video “Defensive Wounds”Watch Here
“Defensive Wounds” solidly highlights the band’s personality and showcases their direction. Joe Little (vocals), Richard Morris (guitar), Stephen Osterberg (guitar), Will Gardner (bass), DJ Wood (drums) have taken their music prowess of crunch and calibrated it succinctly to hold firm in the middle of the metal maelstrom.

“…Protectors fall amidst the confrontation

Nothing can stop this brutal temptation…”

-Stephen “Defensive Wounds is such a breath of fresh air for Braincell. Everything just feels way more intentional and next level to me. There are a few different genre feels injected into this one. It just works!”
-Joe “Personally, I enjoyed witnessing this song evolve from a riff into its final form. ‘Defensive wounds’ demonstrates the new direction for Braincell”
-Will “This tune is a real chainsaw of high-speed brutality.  We pulled aspects of our favorite genre for inspiration during the writing process, and in doing so turned up the industrial, melodeath, punk, and prog elements more than ever before. It perfectly encapsulates the direction in which Braincell is heading, and I had a killer time producing it.”
-Richard “We decided to take a different approach to write this song. Not only am I happy with the results, but it also made me realize what we are able to come up with when we put our heads together.”
Will Gardner – Producer and studio engineer
Bobby Huotari – Video production
Officially formed in 2017, Braincell introduces a unique blend of death metal, hardcore, progressive, and traditional heavy metal.
With seasoned members based out of Lynchburg, Virginia the band offers a sound combined with aggression and melody that is delivered with unstoppable-high energy performance. Which helped them gain opportunities to perform alongside notable bands such as Trivium, Drowning pool, Powerman 5000, Mushroomhead, and other concerts and festivals.
Special Thanks –
-Stephen: “Thank you, Eric. You introduced me to all of the guys in Braincell when we were coming up in other bands years ago. I fondly remember tagging along to many local shows to rub shoulders and make contacts with you. You were so enthusiastic about performing and pumped to get our own band off the ground. You got me playing live again and if it wasn’t for you I don’t know if I would be all in today. Rest in Power”
-Joe: “Thank you, DJ, Stephen, Richard, and Will. You guys are my family.
Special thanks to Rob Smith for the support and encouragement from the very beginning. Many thanks to Bobby Huotari for his hard work and dedication in producing the music video.
Most importantly, thank you to all the fans out there.”
-Will: “Cole Sweat, who provided valuable and meaningful feedback as I worked through each progressive mix of this song, and from whom I am constantly learning. My partner Micah, sat through I-don’t-want-to-think-about-how-many sections of this song repeated over and over as it was produced. Bobby Huotari, always makes us look cooler than we really are. And YOU, for listening to this whole business.
-Richard: “Huge thank you to Will Gardner for making us sounds so thunderous and Bobby Huotari for his amazing video skills. Both wizards in their own ways.”