I was a little nervous, but he made me feel at ease quickly. Bjorn Gelotte of In Flames was on my list of must have interviews for 2019, and I was thrilled when it happened.  I asked the responsible questions any journalist would ask, but careful not to ask the obvious.  I took the opportunity to ask him things I’d always been curious about and felt so privileged for him to give me so much of his time.

Bjorn talks in detail about how he discovered an appreciation for Rush, how the writing process has changed over the years, what his early exposure to music was, and how Jester Race demystified recording music.  There was considerable interference from something in the Green Room on this audio, and with the help of a musician friend and a

recording specialist friend, I was able to clean it up significantly.  There is a part towards the end when we talk about Rush that needs explanation.  He pulled open his jacket to reveal a 2112 shirt, and knowing that, the response will make more sense.  Bjorn is funny, and polite, open, and sweet.  I enjoyed this much anticipated interview very much.