“ANOTHER DARK HOUR” interview with J.R. Ericksen answering questions
​with ​Robin X Steeley.

Robin* How many Members are in the band?

J.R.* There’s three of us. Pooya on Volcals/bass, Shane on guitars, and myself on the drums.  

Robin* What are the bands future goals, both short and long term?

J.R.* Short term goals would be to Keep writing and recording new material and playing the local circuit as much as possible, but not to much. We’ve noticed that if we play every weekend it’s hard to get people out to the shows, we have a much better turn out if we play once a month. Long term goals would be to keep this band going until we tour the world, or get to old to do it anymore,,, whichever one comes first. For now we are just living in the moment and having a good time.

Robin* Where are you recording your album and who is producing it?

J.R.* At this time we are writing and recording in Pooya’s studio POODOG RECORDS, He has superb engineering capability’s and does all of the mixing and producing.

Robin* When is this album supposed to be released and does it have a title yet?

J.R.* We are in the process of putting together an album consisting of 10 songs. Although we live in the era of the 1 song single, or the 3 song E.P. we have a vision to make a full length album that should be ready by spring 2017. We haven’t decided on an album title yet.

Robin* If you could tour with any bands who would they be?

J.R.* To many to chose from for obvious reasons. (laughing)

Robin* Did you do any of the vocals on this ADH album?

J.R.* On the studio recordings Pooya is doing all the volcals, mains and backups. When we play live I sing backup’s.

Robin* How do you think the digital age has changed things in the way bands market themselves?

J.R.* It’s perfect. For years bands relied on word of mouth and would otherwise be just pumping the local scene and kicking down doors to try to find somone to notice them. But in todays age, people from all over the world can hear our tunes because of social media and the internet, 25 years ago that was purely unheard of. Things like Facebook and Reverbnation have helped us out tremendously. We haven’t stapled a flyer to a telephone poll in years!

Robin* Along with your band being known for aggressive self promotion, do you think DIY is the way to go for bands in this new era of music?

J.R.* Most definitely! back in the day bands would spend hundreds of dollars on a demo package in some top dollar studio, send it out to every record label in the industry, and hope it landed on someone’s lap and not in a desk side trash can.  It’s much easier now days to do everything yourself and have total control.

Robin* what is your impression of the scene in the pacific nw in general right now?

J.R.* There are a lot of great bands doing killer stuff out here, But there are a lot of carbon copy, cookie cuter bands out here also that all sound the same. There needs to be more originality coming out of the northwest. I think we have a sound that stands out from the rest.