Last time I personally saw Andrew W.K was at Warped Tour a couple years ago. I remember that set because it was so much fun! I wasn’t sure how the rest of the day could compete with his early show so you can imagine how excited I was for this. Unsure of what kind of opening bands were going to be setting the tone for the night, I was pleasantly surprised at the talent that took the stage pre-party. First up was local ‘swampy rock’ band Black Snake. I loved the slow, jamming stoner metal sound these guys brought. Every song kicked ass, especially the song that shares the band name. These guys even brought out Rumble from his ‘Lord of Sound’ area to the front of the stage to enjoy the tunes. The one word that kept coming to mind during their set was “groove”, you couldn’t help but enjoy Black Snake. Following the grooving Black Snake was another local stoner metal band called Sons of Huns. These guys were a bit faster with some blues melodies at times. You could tell these guys love playing music. The amount of talent from each of the 3 members was astonishing! They equally had opportunities to shine with a solo and it was impressive each time. Both the guitarist and bassist did vocals for the songs which was great because each had their own distinctive sound but it meshed well together so it didn’t matter which one was singing, the overall sound was still perfect. So Black Snake grooved and Sons of Huns were psychedelic. Perfect combination for the opening acts before the party. My only real big complaint was actually the crowd. Mostly consisting of young teenagers for the opening acts, all the crowd really did was just stand there. Some of the members of the opening bands were visibly annoyed with the lack of movement in the crowd, but both bands handled it well. I couldn’t figure out why there wasn’t more people moving and grooving to the music of the opening bands. Well, as soon as Sons of Huns finished their set, there was a good little wait before Andrew W.K took the stage. During that waiting time, the venue filled up with more people. Most of the crowd were already smiling in anticipation of the crazy-ness that was about to take place. For Andrew W.K., the energy in the building was through the roof! Definitely was not the same crowd as earlier, there was even a guy dressed like The Macho Man Randy Savage! There was glitter, dancing, jumping, sweat, blood, laughing, everything fun and exciting! Andrew W.K. plays fun music and lets the audience know that we should all enjoy life, live each day, and above all party! He kept telling us that tonight, this is not a concert, its a party and that everyone is part of show. He invited anyone and everyone on stage with him to party because he deemed the whole place a stage. At one point, the stage was filled packed with members from the audience. I loved how excited and genuine Andrew W.K. would look when someone would come on stage to dance, sing or whatever. He looked like he was having a blast. The set only lasted for about an hour but the crowd was not ready to end the party. While about half the crowd left, the other half chanted “Encore” for a bit. Unfortunately there was no encore but it truly was a fun show anyway! You can bet I am going to be there next time he comes around, and maybe next time I’ll get on stage.