Amerakin Overdose is an industrial nu metal band hailing from the mean streets of Portland, Oregon. Not only keeping the nu metal genre alive and kicking, they also brought back that shock rock value that we have come to expect from them. It is an ‘enygma’ why I love this band, but I think it’s not only that the music is fun and thought provoking, but the band members are some of the hardest working people I know. Keeping the music going and alive since 2010, each member (past and present) has done work to perfect their craft and this album shows it.

Artificial Infection is Amerakin Overdose’s third studio album and will be out July 12, 2024. Mark it on your calendars! A.O.D. is also going on tour, so be sure to sign up for their newsletter and check out their site so you don’t miss any dates or info.

So going track by track:

Defrag – Great intro to set the vibe. Industrial sounding with some heart pounding inducing rhythm. It would fit perfectly in a horror movie soundtrack. It makes you want to look over your shoulder… just to be sure nothing is following you.

Damaged – This fast paced, heavy tune, is well balanced and I can clearly see why it is one of the singles off the album. It showcases the range that vocalist Cody Perez has, be it blood curdling screams or belting out melodic vocals.

Toxic – This song is another single from this album and it does not disappoint. This song hits you with the fast drums, guitar riffs and screams, then the lyrics really get you thinking. Honestly, the lyrics got me angry and pumped because of the message; a whirlwind of emotions. The hook/chorus is crafted to perfection because it gets stuck in your head.

04 Error^0D – I love the industrial transition at this point in the album.

Artificial Infection – Just by the name of the song, I am already a fan of this. The music starts and it’s so heavy! Dare I say, the hardest song I have heard from A.O.D. There is so much emotion here in not only the singing but the music! Again, the lyrics are so moving. Are we heading into a world where we can’t think for ourselves? “This is a call to action / it’s a digital disease,” and “Give me your mind / you will subside / just give me your life / you will subscribe,” are some of my favorite lines. Oooh…and the change in music at the end… chef’s kiss, marvelous.

I Am – Groovy and heavy, this song proves that A.O.D can dip into other genres of music and still kick-ass. This song starts groovy and a bit slow but sounds more like an anthem for those standing their ground. Que the awesome guitar solo and this track is well rounded in the middle of the album.

Agastopia – This song was released in 2022 with a video and found its spot on the album. This one I feel gives a nod to the classic A.O.D. sound that we know and love. It gives more of a shock rock feeling with the synthesized background tones. Is that Cody scatting towards the end? Further proof this guy pushes the limits to see what he is capable of to add to the art of making music.

Bleed – Another groovy metal tune that was released as a single with a video in 2023. A soulful guitar solo towards the end of the heavy song threw me off, but also seemed to flow with the story of the song just right. It gave me a bit of ‘break up’ song vibes.

The Gray – Is a perfect song title from a band from the Pacific Northwest where we have 6+ months of gray, rainy weather. People from the PNW often suffer from seasonal depression. The band shines on this song showcasing the talent along with the clean, emotional driven vocals.

Neurostatic – Also a single that was released with a video in 2023. This song would fit in a physiological thriller movie. It has that musicality that would show the catalyst of the plot. This song has the most diverse sounds.  The tempo and flow change frequently, yet it stays cohesive.

Disconnect – Another single that was released with a video in 2023. It is solid from start to finish. This nu metal song isn’t the stand out song on the album, but clearly fits the album.

Muevete (Spanish) – What a lot of fans I’m sure have been waiting for.  Sung in Spanish, Muevete means “move on.”  Cody’s vocals shine in a different and brilliant way. It’s like singing in Spanish breathes in a new energy and emotion that we haven’t felt or heard before from A.O.D. Another listener said they could totally picture this song in a XXX movie, sort of like the Spanish Rammestein (great complement in my opinion.) This song has everything A.O.D is made up of, the groovy melody, hard hitting music, melodic vocals, all around heavy.

OpenEyes – This is a great  song to end the album and happens to be on my personal playlist and has been for quite some time. Originally part of the solo journey of vocalist Perez, now with a little addition to that A.O.D. sound, it  rounds out this album with a positive send off. A message not only Amerakin Overdose lives by, but what we can all agree on…to persevere, to never give up.

Artificial Infection is hands down my favorite Amerakin Overdose album to date. This album seems to solidify who A.O.D. are and clearly provides the message and sound they are now bringing to the table of metal music.